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The figure speaks in a clear, light voice: "I am a Gnome, perhaps one of the smallest of all that the gods ever created, but definitely the fastest, lightest, and the most nimble. Invention is my genius, but it is not my only skill. Let the others bash their heads against the world trying to make it do what it wants -- we know the truth. Gnomes manipulate rather than force, persuade instead of pummel. If you want to undo a knot by hacking it to death, get a 'Tog. If you want it unraveled, get a Gnome."

You regard the small Gnome. Tiny in comparison to a Human or Kaldar, it is a shade shorter than the Halfling with an exuberance similar to that race, except that in the place of overbearing bubbliness is a razor-keen wit. The Gnome's ears are slightly pointed, and its fingers are constantly twitching, as if it were eager to be doing something.

The Basics
  • TDP Bonus Cost: -2 to reflex and intelligence, -1 to agility
  • TDP Penalty Cost: +3 to strength, +2 to stamina
  • Height: 1.75' to 2.5' for both males and females
  • Lifespan: 200 maximum, 175 average
  • Languages: Common, Gorbesh
  • Beginning Stats: Strength: 4, Reflex: 14, Agility: 12, Charisma: 10, Discipline: 10, Wisdom: 10, Intelligence: 14, Stamina: 6