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Ranger-only Verbs

There are a few verbs which have special meaning for rangers and are often pretty informative.

Verb Message Significance
Pace Outdoors: You glance about the area while pacing back and forth, like a large, stalking mountain cat.
Neutral: You pace back and forth.
In town: You pace back and forth like a trapped animal.
A good way to check whether or not your bonus will change.
Howl Good bonus: You howl like a wolf calling the pack! (from hiding)
Poor bonus: You bray like a trapped milk cow! (from hiding)
You see: You throw your head back and howl!
Others see: Olwydd throws his head back and howls, sounding remarkably like a real wolf!
Probably the best way to check the current state of your bonus.
Howl at wolf The young wolf answers your call and begins to pace back and forth, ready to hunt.
Just kind of fun.
Align Usage: ALIGN <amount of spirit health>
Certain beseeches require you to set aside a portion of spirit health in order to use them.
Arrange You arrange a <critter> for proper skinning even though you know it will make success more difficult. Allows you to increase the worth of a skin by increasing the difficulty of the task. Requires the equivalent of 100 ranks of skinning.
Carve <critter> You slice a nice piece of meat from the <critter>
Gets meat for your wolf.
Snarl You bare your teeth and let loose with a guttural snarl that sounds exactly like a mountain lion. Roleplaying verb for male rangers.
Hoot Female: You hoot, sounding remarkably like a real owl.
Male: You attempt to hoot but it comes out more like a grunt.
Roleplaying verb for female rangers.
Gaze ... Roleplaying verb.
Track You determine to track <person> wherever he goes.
Used to track back to an individual.
Scout Various. Used for learning the scouting skill.
Whistle While hidden: You whistle softly, a sound like a singing starling. (Except for Prydaens)
You whistle a few soft, twittering notes.
To self: Olwydd whistles to himself, a sound not unlike a nightingale.
Roleplaying verb.
Shriek You raise your voice to the sky in a resounding shriek. The answering call from a soaring hawk nearby echoes back. Roleplaying verb.
Shake hand <player> Shaker: You grasp <person>'s hand in a firm grip. With a casual nod and a knowing smile, you place your other hand upon <person>'s shoulder. In a silent moment you recognize the tribulations <person> has gone through and take solace from them.
Shakee: <person> takes your hand in a firm grip. With a nod and a smile <person> places his other hand upon your shoulder. An expression of pride gleams in <person>'s eyes.
Roleplaying verb. I've heard that thieves can now emulate the guild specific handshakes, but it was once possible to find false rangers this way.
meow Taljin meows deeply, like a large mountain cat. Roleplaying verb.