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Ranger Beseeches


Ranger beseeches are innate abilities that are used to affect a benefit not found in ranger magic or skills. All beseeches draw at least an insignificant amount of spirit health, so charisma should be considered the primary attribute in the effectiveness of them. Furthermore, some beseeches require than you use the align verb in order to set aside some spirit health for its use. Align can be thought of as harness but for spirit health instead of mana and the more that's put in can increase the power of the beseech.
Several of the beseeches, most notably the first of them, are given to the ranger automatically upon attaining the required circle. Conversely some of them require the ranger to go on a mini-quest and fulfill some task of the guildleader before they're acquired. Usually the quests begin in Shard with Tomma, though they take the ranger to all the corners of Elanthia.
In order to check which beseeches you currently have, you must use beseech mine which will print out an easy to read list.

Beseech List
Circle Beseech Min. Align Purpose
10th Beseech Sun to Dry 0 Generally used to dry herbs in order to make them more important, though it can be used to dry the beseecher as well.
15th Beseech Elanthia to Imbue 0 Used for imbuing a rock either for use as a ranger signing translater for non-rangers or in the use of personal trailmarkers.
20th Beseech Wind to Clean 0 Used to remove all the items on the floor.
25th Beseech Elanthia to Cradle When the beseecher is in critical shape due to bleeding, this beseech can be used to stabilize them. It does leave you on the ground and prone and must be used in an outdoors type area.
30th Beseech Wind to Preserve 30 The only practical use that I've found is to preserve meat for a ranger's wolf beyond the normal hour.
35th Beseech Elanthia to Petrify Used to increase armor absorption for a fairly short amount of time.
40th Beseech Dark to Sing Gives a ranger the ability to see in the dark.
50th Beseech Elanthia to Seal Increases the length of time a grave will sit before decaying.
55th Beseech the Water to Solidify Creates a bridge to cross water for a ranger and his party.
60th Beseech Wind to Refresh Helps restore vitality.
90th Beseech Elanthia to Transfer Increases the ranger bonus.