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Ranger Signing

If anyone knows signs other than this, please e-mail quelgash@hotmail.com so I can update my guide!
Note: All instances of "their" and "they", etc. will be replaced with gender-specific (he, she, etc.) pronouns. Person will, obviously, be the name of the signer.
Guide is sorted by Combat, Directions, Guilds, Numbers, Skills, and Miscellaneous, alphabetically by group.


Attack: Person waves their fist forward.
Axe: Person makes a chopping motion.
Bow: Person puts their fists together and pulls one back.
Dead: Person sticks out their tongue and closes their eyes.
Enemy: Person slams a fist into their palm.
Fight: Person shakes their fist.
Hurt: Person cradles their arm.
Kill: Person drags a thumb across their throat.
Run: Person runs their fingers across their palm.
Spear: Person makes a stabbing motion.
Sword: Person makes a slicing motion.
Weapon: Person pounds their fists together.


Come: Person waves towards themself.
Gather: Person makes a circular motion near their feet.
Go: Person waves their hand forward.
In: Person points into a fist.
Join: Person cups their hands and locks them.
Out: Person puts their two fists together and opens them away from them.
Path: Person holds their two thumbs side by side.
Stop: Person holds up their palm towards you.
Up: Person points up.
Down: Person points down.
North: Person points north.
South: Person points south.
East: Person points east.
West: Person points west.
Northeast: Person points northeast.
Northwest: Person points northwest.
Southeast: Person points southeast.
Southwest: Person points southwest.


Barbarian: Person dances their fingers about.
Bard: Person covers both ears in pain.
Cleric: Person holds out both palms and slowly raises them.
Commoner: Person runs their finger back and forth over their lips.
Empath: Person strokes their arm.
Mage (No Moon/War specific): Person points forward and waggles their finger.
Paladin: Person puffs their chest out.
Ranger: Person holds a flat palm above their eyes.
Thief: Person drags two fingers across their eyes.
Trader- Person makes a big:belly motion and bloats their face.


One: Person holds up an index finger.
Two: Person holds up two fingers.
Three: Person holds up three fingers.
Four: Person holds up four fingers.
Five: Person holds up five fingers
Six: Person holds up six fingers.
Seven: Person holds up seven fingers.
Eight: Person holds up eight fingers.
Nine: Person holds up eight fingers and a thumb.
Ten: Person holds up eight fingers and both thumbs.


Climb: Person makes a climbing motion with their fingers.
Forage: Person holds their hand like it's broken.
Hide: Person motions to duck and hides their face.
Search: Person scrapes one hand with the other.
Skin: Person drags their flat palm across their head.
Stalk: Person places one palm behind the other.
Tend: Person circles their arm with their hand.
Track: Person walks their fingers across the ground.


Baby: Person folds their arms and rocks.
Crazy: Person waggles a finger at their temple.
Dig: Person scrapes one hand with the other.
Drink: Person tips a cupped hand towards their mouth.
Drop: Person turns over their cupped palm.
Female/Woman: Person taps both hips.
Friend: Person brings both fists to their chest.
Hello: Person brings their fist to their shoulder.
I/Me: Person taps their chest.
Look: Person points to their eyes.
Love: Person places their arms across their chest.
Male/Man: Person taps both shoulders.
No: Person shakes their head.
Quiet: Person holds a finger up to their lips.
Think: Person points to their head.
Tired: Person sticks out their lower jaw and blows up across their face.
Touch: Person touches the back of their hand.
Tree: Person opens their fist as they raise it.
Twit: Person rubs their thumb into their palm.
Water: Person makes a wavy motion with their hand.
Yes: Person nods their head.