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Moon Mage Information

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Moon Mage Guild Crest

Six towers on a field of stars encircled by the three Elanthian moons.

Moon Mage Guild Leaders

Celestian Kssarh T'Kinnirii, Guildleader of Crossing.

Gylwyn, Guildleader of Riverhaven.

Fateweaver Lomtaun Nedorath, Guildleader of Taisgath.

Tezirite Mortom Saist, Guildleader of Shard.

Tiv, Guildleader of the Lesser Fist.

Cherulisa D'Shari'sendal of the Nomads of the Arid Steppe, Guildleader of Hibarnhvidar.

Prophet Estrille Ardwens.