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Embroidery Basics

Embroidery allows for the modification of simple items with 'patterns,' much like the embroiderer on Ratha. You can turn a pouch into something more interesting, like a vest beautifully embroidered with a wolf pattern in yellow thread. The skill itself has been mostly designed with traders in mind, but anyone is free to practice it assuming that they have at least 20 ranks of scholarship in order to read a pattern. In addition to teaching and requiring mechanical lore, using STUDY on patterns teaches scholarship at a supplementary level.
Note: The timer associated with learning scholarship from patterns is fairly long and you're only able to memorize one pattern at a time, so it should not be considered a good long term solution for locking the skill.

The Process
  1. PULL BOBBIN with your bobbin of choice in hand.
  2. STOW BOBBIN (Or otherwise put away the bobbin.)
  5. Get the pattern that you intend to use.
  6. STUDY MY PATTERN until you know enough about the pattern.
  7. Stow your pattern and hold the item you wish to embroider.
  8. STITCH <item> WITH NEEDLE until you are done. If you 'forget' the pattern, you must re-study the appropriate pattern before continuing.

There are different difficulties of embroidery patterns. All patterns sold in Arthe Dale are 'normal' difficulty, while Muspar'i has some which are 'easy', 'normal' and 'difficult'.


These patterns are available in Arthe Dale, in Quellia's Thread Shop. Each of the guild related patterns cost 1312 kronars, while the misc patterns are 1050.

Guild related patterns
Miscellaneous patterns

Based on the mechanical lore of the embroiderer, an adjective will be attached to the item in question. The more mech, and the better job you do on the embroidery, the better the level of the item. It would seem that only traders are able to get the highest levels on items.