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With a yawn, the figure stretches and rolls its head fluidly to the left to regard you. It purrs out, "Prydaen am I, the proudest and most graceful of all. Unwavering and fearless, I fight for what is mine...which is, of course, everything. My reflexes are by far the best of all the races, and I am certainly the most beautiful. Not brutishly strong, but then, what's strength if you can't hit anything? Magic is within my grasp, though I excel at the fighting arts. I hunt and stalk in the darkness, my footfalls soft and sure. When alone, I am the happiest."

The Prydaen is about the same height as a Human with short, smooth fur covering its body that you at first mistake for skin. Bright, inquisitive slitted eyes peer out at you, and the Prydaen's pointed and tufted ears are always twitching, as is its long tail. The glint of claws draws your eyes to its hands, but not for long. Raising your head to meet the Prydaen's gaze, you find it hard to hold, and eventually look away, the Prydaen's fixed smile silently laughing at you.

The Basics