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The Halfling figurine speaks, a bubbly, high-toned voice that is overrun with jovial humor. "Clever Halfling am I! Strength I have not, and height I have not, and really, I'm not all that skilled in magic -- but clever, clever, clever is this one! We are the curious, the ingenious, the solver of riddles! Always have we an eye on the humor in things, for life is too short to be spent on brooding! Lanival gave all the lands to us, so all places are ours. Our curiosity untangles the knots that bind and finds that which is not yet lost. What we lack in power and height we make up with skill and accuracy and dexterity."

Though short -- half the size of the Human and smaller than the Dwarves -- the Halfling radiates a confidence, merriment, and awareness of the world that makes up for size. Bright eyes twinkle with suppressed laughter.

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