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The figure chuckles as you gaze at it. "I am a Kaldar, though some consider me little more than a glorified Human. Obviously the originator of such thought was probably him- or herself a Human who was jealous of my strength and stamina. Humans may be diverse, but in combat they cannot hope to best a Kaldar. We are terrible to behold in battle, having been weaned on it since childhood. Cities cannot hold us -- we laugh at the storm and sneer at those who would shiver behind walls during the winter. If you want to be raised soft or waggle your fingers at every shadow that makes you whimper, be born a Human or an Elf. If you want strength and determination, choose me!"

An aura of mystery surrounds this tall, limber figure. While at first glance it seems little more than Human on a grand scale, the Kaldar is endowed with a stalwart spirit that reminds you more of the Dwarves. Sardonic humor lurks in its eyes, coupled with a sense of determination and unfaltering will.

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