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The Elf figurine speaks in a voice light in tone, yet deep with age and wisdom: "Elven am I. Not as bulky as the Dwarves and not as strong as the Humans, but faster than both and smarter. Speed and agility are ours, both in the mind and the body. We are children of the living world: all the sides of nature define us, from the hard beauty of the snowy wastes in the mountains to the lush silence of the deepest, darkest forests. When all the other races have dwindled and died, the light of the Elvenkind will remain."

You regard the Elven form: A shade taller than the Human, it is willowy and graceful, aesthetically pleasing. The eyes sparkle with light-hearted joy, and a civilized air surrounds the Elf, a vital aura of age and refinement.

The Basics