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The Elothean figurine begins to speak, words soft and serene: "I am Elothean. Some call us half-Human or half-Elven, but our religions tell us the truth. From the thought of the gods was our race born, and though others would want it otherwise, we remain their favored children. Our will is powerful, our skills in magic and knowledge the most exalted of all the races. We are agile when needed but we prefer to use our minds instead of force. Our paths are the ways of magic, scholarship, and lore. Calm and studied are we, neither hasting or wasting, we pursue our goals logically and skillfully."

The Elothean stands tall and thin with large eyes that drink in every detail, examining you, weighing you, appraising you, knowing more about you, perhaps, than you yourself know. There is a sense of control about this one. A sense of well-managed power.

The Basics