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Prydaen Titles

We have chosen to translate unclear titles as Guards and Warriors of things/areas, such as "Guard of the Grassland." However, they could also be translated in this manner: "Grassland Guard." Because of this, we have left translation notes next to these titles.

We would like to thank Sauva in Dragonrealms' Prydaen forums, Naeya, and Dhimani for contributing titles and help with translations.

Racial Titles
Prydaen Translation Notes
Bith Kodavu Fierce Claw
Dafo Storyteller
Dathga Chuthi Rure Guard of the Grassland dath = grass, chuth = land
Dathga Chuthi Vayato Warrior of the Grassland
Davafro Vayato Blood Warrior
Gakatari Rure Guard of the Pride gakatara = pride
Gakatari Vayato Warrior of the Pride
Gigavi Rure Guard of the Forest gigavo = forest
Gigavi Vayato Warrior of the Forest
Graimi Rure Guard of the Desert graimaa = desert
Graimi Vayato Warrior of the Desert
Grirodi Rure Guard of the Hubt griroda = hub
Grirodi Vayato Warrior of the Hub
Kodavi Vayato Warrior of the Claw kodavu = claw
Kodaye Kodavu Sharp Claw
Radehige Kodavu Swift Claw
Vutiyuki Rure Guard of the Mountain faint
Vutiyuki Vayato/td> Warrior of the Mountain faint