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Roars and Battle Cries

You will be able to choose your first roar at 5th circle. Every ten circles after that you will be able to select a new roar. Below is a short list of the new roars. As well as information on them, as I obtain it.

Notes on the new roar system

The new roar system differs from the old in that it is no longer a panic button-style system. They are now more like dances and should be used on a consistent basis to augment your fighting skills to keep ahead of the game. Battle cries are aimed at group effects, to rally you and your companions on to glory.

Anger the Earth When pulled off it knocks those affected off balance. T'Kiel: "Yes, that's a technique I can teach you. It doesn't actually do anything to the earth, of course -- a name is just a name. However, I can show you the necessary unity of body, mind, and spirit that will allow you to make use of this technique. With that unity and proper use, you can cause such fear that your enemies will wilt before you, losing their balance."
Banshee's Wail Immobilizes opponent Leaning forward ponderously, Mo growls, "Ya sure ya want to learn dat roar? It ain't da easiest to pull off, but if ya as good as me den you can make dose ya fightin' just stand dere like stumps."
Caution of the Spider Causes enemies to retreat temporarily Anhh'shre nods thoughtfully and says, "There are times when even the best warrior needs some space to regroup. It is said that the warrior who perfected this technique saw a small spider being overrun by hungry centipedes, until the spider hissed and its attackers withdrew for a moment. The warrior took that as a sign and taught his students this roar, which he named after what he'd seen."
Death's Embrace Reduces opponent's offense Mo nods slowly. "I can teach yas dat roar. Good for not gettin' yerself so many scars, cause when da enemy is scared o' yas an' can't swing his sword right, ya don't get hurt so easy."
Death's Lullaby Increases opponent's RT on some actions Tusfaov: "Yes, that technique is one that I can teach to you. It is one that my family has studied for many years. The power of Death's Lullaby is that it is capable of inspiring such fear in your enemies that their minds shut down and they cannot do anything but tremble."
Death's Shriek Knocks enemies to their knees. Can give massive internal damage with enough skill. Mo grins with slight cruelty before answering, "Yah, dat's one I like a lot. Works good for me. Not so good for the ones dat throw demselves down cause dey're so scared, but dat's not my problem."
Everild's Rage Lowers opponent's defenses Agonar nods approvingly at you. "I can teach you how to use that technique. The roar of Everild's Rage weakens the ability of your enemies to defend themselves, plain and simple."
Insane Laughter   T'Kiel: "Yes, I can teach you that roar. It is a rather unusual technique, that instills such fear in the opponent that he cannot control the tremors in his arms and legs when he moves to attack."
Kuniyo's Spirit Makes stunning opponents easier Agonar nods slowly at you. "I can teach students the use of that technique, yes. The roar of Kuniyo's Spirit weakens the will of your enemies, and thus they feel more pain from the slightest cut."
Lash of Torment Causes stuns Stumara: "People talk about such a thing as "command voice", but they really barely tap into the potential. The Lash of Torment technique is more than just a shout, it is a debilitating command."
Mage's Lament Seems to reduce opponent's Targeted Magic (PC only) Anhh'shre smiles slowly. "Casting a spell is only half of a mage's battle. The other half is making sure it affects the target. What a lamentable state of affairs it is when they can waggle their fingers but do nothing at all, hmm?"
Magic's Bane Believed to disrupt spells Anhh'shre laughs wickedly and toys with her dagger before answering. "Magic is a tool. Tools break. Put your trust in your own heart and spirit."
Screech of Madness Makes those it affects more susceptible to the other roars. Stumara: "That technique is one that can make the most disciplined of foes succumb to fear that he would normally laugh at. It is an extremely powerful roar."
Serpent's Hiss of Warning Makes everything you can affect with it run out of the room in fear until they regain control of thenselves. T'Kiel: "Serpents have always been good at letting people know when to leave. That's why this technique bears their name. I can teach you to imitate them, and frighten foes badly enough that they will seek to get as far away from you as possible."
Slash the Shadows Decreases opponent's stealth. Can pull people out of invisibility or hiding. Stumara: "Yes, that technique is one I know well. For those who won't face you openly, there's nothing better."
Tempestuous Fury Reduces opponent's effective ranged attacks Mo lets out a deep chuckle before saying, "Yeah, dat's one dat I can teach yas. Good for scarin' off dem dat won't fight ya face-to-face, and try to tickle ya wit' arrows. Shakes 'em up good."
Trothfang's Butchery Affects opponent's stats and may affect limb damage Agonar grins cruelly at you and says, "Yes, I can teach you how the use of that technique. Trothfang's Butchery cripples your enemy with fear, weakening their limbs and slowing their reactions."
Weighted Justice Opponent drops held items Anhh'shre lashes her tail idly as she answers your question. "The way of Weighted Justice is simple. True justice is fair. Weighted justice is skewed. In a fair fight, both combatants have similar weaponry. The technique I can teach you will eliminate that similarity by instilling such fear in your adversary that he drops his weapon involuntarily."

Battle Cries
Battle CryEffects 
Bloodthirst Raises offense when in a group, berserks when alone. Anhh'shre smirks cruelly. "Drathrok used to teach this, but since I know the technique just as well, and he likes the privacy of his cave, I'll be teaching you how to inspire your allies with a bloodthirsty rage from now on. I'm sure you've heard about it before. The rage in your group will make you stronger and tougher, but you won't pay as much attention to defending yourself, and you'll be rather tired when things wear off."
Bravery Possibly similar to paladin courage Mo laughs deeply before answering. "Bravery? Dat's an easy one. Yas just gotta remember not to let yas fear mess wit' ya head. Yas can be afraid all yas like, just can't let it hurt ya."
Honor   Stumara: "Honor is a powerful force that can drive warriors to excel. An honorable fighter can inspire his allies or intimidate his enemies much more than a dishonorable one."
Nobility   Tusfaov: "They stood shoulder to shoulder and did not falter. When one was in danger, another warned. No back was unprotected, no flank undefended. They showed true nobility, and that practice has not died."
Pride Possibly increases agility or reflex Agonar smirks slightly as he begins to speak. "Pride can be a danger, but it can also be a great help. If you're careful not to let it get the best of you, a sense of pride can help you overcome your challengers with a quickened step."
Steadfastness   Tusfaov: "To fight is a noble endeavor. To fight on in the face of unrelenting adversity is a greater endeavor. But to do so is to build within yourself a deep pool of strength, that allows you to face more and more adversity and overcome it all."
Superiority   T'Kiel: "Sure, I tend to be a nice lady, but there's a time to be nice and a time to recognize your superior talents. When you do, it's even better to remind your allies of their superiority also, and together laugh at your attackers' pitiful attempts to harm you."
Vengeance   Tusfaov: "Vengeance is a force to be reckoned with. Fighting in the name of your fallen comrades gives you strength you might not otherwise achieve. However, calling upon that power before your allies are dead is more practical."

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