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Other Abilites and Notes on the Barbarian Guild


As a barbarian you have the ability to meditate. This is accomplished by concentrating on a flame, such as a burning cigar. It helps to rekindle your Inner Fire as well as finding out how much Inner Fire you have built up. To meditate hold a burning object such as a cigar, kneel or sit and type in the command MEDITATE cigar supposing the object was a cigar.

In addition to meditation you can now use a chakrel to accomplish the same task much quicker and easier. Simply MEDITATE chakrel while wearing one.

Note: There are two kinds of chakrel: flawed and perfect. Perfect chakrel works instantaneously, but flawed takes a few seconds.

Inner Fire

Your Inner Fire is the source from which all of the special abilities you, as a barbarian, have. It is in essence the expression of magic through a group that mostly distrusts and disdains it.

Inner Fire Levels From Strongest to Weakest
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