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Dances are probably our most powerful and versatile ability. They aid us in both combat and non-combat situations by increasing the effectiveness of our attributes and skills. They are powered by charisma, discipline, and Inner Fire. They are not given to you by your guild leader. You must seek out the teacher for each dance and learn from them.

SWAN 10 Raises your balance. Leth - Gymnasium
COBRA 14 Agility; helps with ranged weapons and weapon balance Dirge - Snake Pit, outside village
BADGER 18 Reflex; evasion boost and multi opponent boost Steel Claw Clan - Near Shard, Barbarian Guild
EAGLE 22 Perception; helps find traps on boxes and hidden tracks. Also gives a substantial ranged weapon bonus. Riverhaven - Barbarian Guild
BEAR 26 Strength; increases strength 5-8 points near Stone Clan
WOLVERINE 30 Combines Swan, Cobra, Badger and Bear Wolf Clan
PANTHER 40 Hiding and Stalking near Shard
DRAGON 60 Bonus to Weapons and all stats that affect them Hara-Jaal