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Barbarian Warpaint

Purchasing Warpaint

Warpaint is sold by Osgeth at a tent on Hara'jaal and comes in four varieties. From least powerful/expensive to most, these are Basic, Savage, Berserk and Plunderer (1 plat lirum).


Only Barbarians can apply warpaint and the duration is based on the agility and mechanical lore of the painter. With the exception of custom paint, the type of paint does not affect duration.

Members of other guilds can wear warpaint if they are willing to kneel and consent the Barbarian. Unlike Barbarians, other guilds do not gain anything from wearing warpaint. It may be useful to have higher circle Barbarians paint younger ones.

Note: GM Iayn says design and location of paint CAN make a difference, though usually they do not. Specifics of this are unknown at this time. Warpaint color does not matter.


Warpaint boosts two roars that previously relied upon titles: Slash the Shadows and Death's Shriek.

SCREAM gives a boost to intimidation for roaring.
CONCENTRATE gives a boost to resisting roar effects.
MEDITATE boosts Discipline.
STARE boosts Charisma.
Note: Each use of these verbs (scream, concentrate, meditate and stare) will cause the paint to flake and reduce the duration. Only one can be active at the same time. Removing the paint will remove the bonus.

When a Barbarian wears it, members of other guilds have a strange fear reaction.

If you apply warpaint to a helpless target (dead, unconscious or immobilized, but not stunned), you will coat your hand in paint and slap it on the target. If you have a specially made stamp or forging stamp in your other hand, it will slap that design on instead.

Note: According to GM Iayn, warpaint may actually be a detriment at times.

Other Notes

The effects of warpaint may depend on its freshness.

To remove paint or warpaint, you can rub or remove paint. You can also use a weapon to scrape it off, which is faster than rubbing or removing but does damage.

You can combine two paints of the same grade by typing PUSH PAINT WITH OTHER PAINT. If you combine two different colors, you combine their colors rather than adding their quantities. If you combine paints the same color, you add the quantities.

There are 48 patterns that can be placed on different body parts.

Forehead gems, facepaint, and warpaint cannot be worn together as they occupy the same slot. Sable masks and feature-hiding items will cover warpaint.

Thanks to Caraamon for gathering the above information.