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Hunting Areas

A short list of rules of etiquette to observe when hunting.

1.   Never advance a creature in an occupied room unless the current occupant(s) ask for your assistance or offer to share the room with you.
2.   If you do walk into a room with a large swarm of creatures that looks like it may be overpowering the current occupant and you have the ability to help out if needed, ask if they're alright.
3.   If you come across someone who is dead try and take a few minutes to help them out. Try and recover any dropped weapons for them. Drag the to, or find a cleric to restore thier memories and possibly raise them when they regain that ability. Offer to watch their grave, if possible while they DEPART and return to get thier stuff. Remember, when you die, you'll want someone to do the same, and you will die.
4.   When hunting with others always work out how you will divide up the loot and boxes before hand, especially if this is your first time to hunt with them. There are easy ways to split up coin with the other members of your group to divide the loot equally.

Check out the Critter Guide for detailed information on where and what to hunt.