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Bard Whistles

Bards can whistle like everyone else and we can whistle better than others.

You can whistle like a bard if you whistle to <person>.

Bards can also whistle <emote>.
appreciative, romantic, nervous, loud, excited, tuneless, playful, mocking, haunting. cheerful, shrill, nonchalant, meek, happy, urgent, quiet, innocent, mournful, longing, coy, teasing, off-key, mischievous, halting, wistful

Piercing Whistle

Once we have achieved Circle 18, we can ask leader about whistle and he or she will tell us about it. Whistle Piercing, Ezruh told me, can be used to attract creatures in the room to yourself sometimes causing a delay in their actions and sometimes causing them to attack you. He also advised me that it was very stressful on your throat and took some skill to use it effectively. To learn about this skill, ask leader for whistle.

Signal Whistles

At Circle 12, you should ask leader about signal whistle. The guild master will instruct you to seek out a certain halfling who you will find near Arthe Dale. This ability enables you to signal certain words to other bards. There are 5 levels of signal whistles. Once you learn the first level, you will need to advance another 5 circles before seeking out the halfling lad again to learn the next level of signal whistles.
Note: The halfling you are sent to find is the red-headed Halfling lad outside the gates of Arthe Dale. He expects to receive a tart, a nectarine, or two gold in exchange for sharing information for the first whistle (and presumably the others).

To use this ability, type in whistle <person> signal <keyword>.

Level 1
Urgency, Yes, No, Danger, Safety, Friend, Foe, Apology, Defiance, Joy, Sorrow, Work, Rest, Conflict, Peace, Wounds, Health, Creature, Query, Affection, Laughter, Follow, Fatigue, Strong, Weak

Level 2
Easy, Difficult, (Numbers), Wait, Immediate, Truth, Lie, Good, Bad, Large, Moderate, Small, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Body, Spirit, Home, Away, Hide, Join

Level 3
Slow, Rapid, <Professions>, Sing, Play, Speak, Yell, Whisper, <Directions^gt;, Life, Death, Dance, Stranger, Uncertainty, Thought, Man, Woman, Child, Hunt, Guild

Level 4
Song, Magic, <Races>, Scroll, Instrument, Weapon, Armor, Guard, Attack, Close, Distant, Time, Treasure, Merchant, Land, Sea, Forest, Mountain, Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Husband, Wife

Level 5
DragonPriest (DP), Frog, Loyal, Betrayal, Pride, Thirst, Hunger, Genius, Annoyance, Mallet, Craziness, Farewell, Greeting, Gratitude, Idiot

At the fifth level of Signal Whistles, you can whistle <person> group <keyword>.
These options allow you to whistle a short keyword or message either to a small group of your choosing, or to members of a certain person's group.

Scream Defiance

Once you have mastered the signal whistles at Circle 32, you can learn a special bardic scream. Scream defiance releases a powerful, howling scream which affects all around you, people and creatures. It can stun, increase roundtimes, and cause physical internal damage depending on how well those affected resist your scream. Be cautious when using this ability because if you cause damage to another person, it gives them consent to attack you and when used in a town or city can bring the authorities to arrest you. There is also a long recovery time needed before you can reuse this ability and you can strain your voice which will restrict your singing and talking. There is also a loss in your bardic bonus.

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