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Bard Abilities


The list of bluffs can be seen in game by typing bluff help. These are charisma based.

    Hah!  As a Bard, you can BLUFF like so...

    BLUFF <player|item|critter>
    BLUFF <player|critter> <option>
        Options:  emperor, sister, lanival, baron, merchant, sidhlot,
                  priest, swallow, glythtide, penguin
    BLUFF <self>
    BLUFF DODGE to dodge in combat.
    BLUFF DISTRACT to gain a better chance at hiding.
    BLUFF AMAZE to put on a charismatic show.
    BLUFF DEAD to play dead.  *** Be warned, this could get you killed! ***

During times when bards are gathered, there is sometimes an opportunity to sing along with the one performing a song by joining our voices together during the chorus of the song. To do this, you must have attained 5th Circle and sing with <person>. To enable other bards to sing along with the chorus in your songs, you must have that portion of you song identified as a chorus with the notation of: put <CHORUS line; line; line>


In addition to having unique humming, Bards also sometimes receive unique messaging on the hums that everyone can do.

hum happy
You feel so happy you find yourself humming an impressive composition by the famed Elothean bard, Gintheru the Silken.

hum sad
You hum a sad ditty in a minor key, expressing depression in each subtle nuance of the tune.

hum cheerful
You hum an almost sickeningly cheerful Elven dance tune.

hum mournful

You hum a mournful dirge that seems to resonate from the deepest corner of your heart.
You feel a single tear track down your cheek.

Bard only humming may be viewed by typing hum help. This results in the following list:
appreciative, haunting, romantic, longing, nervous, shrill, coy, loud, nonchalant, teasing, excited, meek, off-key, tuneless, mischievous, playful, urgent, halting, mocking, quiet, wistful


This is an ability that bards share with traders. The Rumors System consists of network of bartenders, clerks, waitresses, and market mongers in Elanthia that learn about rumors as they go about their lives. Some of these rumors will be amusing and irrelevant, but some will foretell the coming of great events. As a bard, you have a responsibility to evaluate the content of the rumor deciding whether it is irrelevant or should be spread throughout the lands by sharing the rumor with another member of the Rumor System or by telling people you meet in your travels.

You will find the people that share and collect rumors in inns, taverns and in market places. To ask about rumors, type ask <person> for rumor. To share your rumor, type whisper <person> <the rumor you wish to share>.

Some will not wish to share their rumors with you because you are of a different race. Some will only listen to your rumor and not spread it to others.


Coin Slipping
To do this, you slip coin <person> <body part: ear, nose, mouth> <hard/easy>.
This is also charisma based, I believe.

We thank Elenelear for the generous contribution of materials from her site.