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We'd like to thank Isaura for giving us instrument locations and difficulty levels, along with the names of some of the instruments listed here.

We realize that some of you may find these do not match your own notes, but the experience Bards have with their instruments sometimes seems to be highly subjective. Having received specific numbers for some of these instruments, we welcome your questions and comments.

Please Note: When there is more than one location listed for where instruments may be bought, they are listed by their distance from Crossing with the islands listed last.
The order they are in is: Crossing, Riverhaven, Leth, Shard, Theren, Muspar'i, Ratha, Aesry.

Name Location
Lyre Crossing, Riverhaven, Riverhaven Peddler, Shard, Ratha
Guti'adar Riverhaven Peddler
Child's Harp Merchant Only
Kithara Aesry
Sra'ajhh Ratha
Angle Harp Merchant Only
Mandolin Crossing, Riverhaven, Shard
Faenellica Aesry
Lap Harp Merchant Only
Pi Tambura Muspar'i
Lute Crossing, Riverhaven
Rebec Aesry
Cistre Aesry
Lyra Viol
Pi Sitar Muspar'i
Gittern Shard
Fiddle Crossing, Riverhaven
Violin Riverhaven, Shard
Large Harp Crossing
Cittern Ratha
Psaltery Ratha
Zither Riverhaven Peddler
Treble Viol*

*Instruments, in all three charts, that are marked with a star have not yet been placed regarding their difficulty.

Name Location
Txistu Riverhaven Peddler
Mirliton Leth, Aesry
Fife Leth, Shard
Clarin Aesry
Minjayrah Muspar'i
Shakuhachi Muspar'i
Hichiriki Aesry
Ocarina Crossing, Leth, Shard
Whistle Crossing, Leth, Ratha
Syrinx Aesry
Recorder Leth, Shard
Flute Crossing, Leth, Ratha
Gemshorn Aesry
Ox Horn Ratha
Yarghul Muspar'i
Hunting Horn
Zurna Muspar'i
Mitbiq Muspar'i
Shawm Riverhaven peddler
Cornet Ratha
Oboe Muspar'i
Ram's Horn*

Name Location
Zills Riverhaven Peddler
Bones Crossing, Riverhaven Peddler, Shard, Theren
Spoons Ratha
Tambourine Crossing, Shard, Ratha
Doumbec Ratha
Darje Muspar'i
Bodhran Crossing, Shard
Castanets Aesry
Damaru Aesry
Naqqara Aesry
Shaman's Drum Aesry
Tabla Muspar'i
Temple Drum Ratha
Tapani Muspar'i
Gansa-gambang Riverhaven Peddler
Ritual Drum*

Isaura thanks Serienna, Valren, and the other bards who posted about instruments in the Dragonrealms Forums.