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Song Scrolls

List of Song Scrolls
Song Scrolls Location Appearance Type
A Bardic Prayer Aesry crisp song
A Refugee's Journey Riverhaven weather-worn song
A Wedding Wish Mer'kresh fancy song
Ballad of Morganae's Arm Blackthorn Canyon ale-stained vellum song
Chant of the Dark Gods Arthe Dale onyx black chant
Damaris' Kiss Crossing silver-edged dark song
Dark Angel Crossing, Blackthorn Canyon parchment song
Defenders Of The Lute Aesry painted song
Desert Soul Muspar'i copper-edged song
Elanthia's Dark Moon Riverhaven tattered song
Eluned's Winds Aesry canvas song
Hamael's Song Crossing sharkskin song
Heroes Walk With Us Still Riverhaven sharkskin song
Hodierna's Call Riverhaven, Mer'kresh vellum song
In Muspar'i Muspar'i gold-ribboned song
Itharr's Song Arthe Dale gold-ribboned song
Nissa's Ride Crossing tanned song
Peri'el's Song Arthe Dale yellowed song
Saesealm's Song Arthe Dale sea green song
Sand Singer Muspar'i bronze-edged song
Silverlock Arthe Dale black and silver song
Sleeping Fire Muspar'i russet-edged chant
Song of Dagis and Lasaijen Muspar'i silk-ribboned song
Song of Instruction Muspar'i leather-tied chant
Song of Peri'el Muspar'i jade-ribboned song
Song of the Gods Arthe Dale illuminated song
Song to Lost Children Arthe Dale crinkled song
Sorril's Flight Aesry lunat-capped pale green song
Spring Serenade Riverhaven illuminated song
Starless Eyes Arthe Dale dark song
Swift Runs the Blood Arthe Dale red song
Tamsine's Fire Aesry crimson sung
The Cat and the Cleric Aesry sapphire blue song
The Dance of Life Aesry ribbon-trimmed song
The Dark Champion Mer'kresh tattered song
The Eternal Sacrifice Muspar'i silver-edged song
The Manor of Dunshade Riverhaven crimson song
The Moon Mage's Tale Aesry delicate rice paper song
The Ravin' Mer'kresh flimsy song
The Riddle Song Mer'kersh grubby song
The Wheel Song Riverhaven sepia song
Valor Song Arthe Dale sturdy song
Winesong's Tale Arthe Dale wine song
Wonder Arthe Dale bright white song

Collected by Meili with help from Siltoth GreyWulv and Pielle Ru'benta.