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Constellation Jewelry

Skill Foundation Sigil Conjunctive Sigil Trine Sigil Vision
Harness Ability Owl Xibar - Owl Glowing
Magical Devices Owl Sun - Magical Stone
Primary Magic Owl Katamba - Katamba Fluctuating
Power Perception Owl Yavash - Flood of Energy
Targeted Magic Owl Wolf - 3 Concentric Rings

Skill Foundation Sigil Conjunctive Sigil Trine Sigil Vision
Animal Lore Wren Ram Xibar a Raccoon
Appraisal Wren Xibar - Shiny Kronar
Astrology Wren Wolf Phoenix Endless Sky
Empathy Wren Unicorn Xibar River of Blood
Mechanical Lore Wren Raven - Millstone
Musical Lore Wren Wren - Tuning Fork
Percussions Wren Wren Katamba Drum
Scholarship Wren Wolf - Scribe in Library
Strings Wren Wren Xibar Stretched Gut
Teaching Wren Cat - Open Book
Trading Wren Xibar Xibar Sack of Coins
Vocals Wren Wren Sun Glass Shattering
Winds Wren Wren Yavash Dust Swirling

Skill Foundation Sigil Conjunctive Sigil Trine Sigil Vision
Backstab Phoenix Ram Cobra Glint of Steel
Climbing Phoenix Lion - ?
Disarm Traps Phoenix Boar - ?
Escaping Phoenix Yavash - Web Falling
Evasion Phoenix Scorpion - Insect Scurrying
First Aid Phoenix Unicorn - Puddle of Blood
Foraging Phoenix Sun - Wolf Sniffing
Hiding Phoenix Katamba - Void
Lockpicking Phoenix Raven - Beak Stuck
Perception Phoenix Xibar - Open Eye
Scouting Phoenix Cat Ram Hunter Closing in
Skinning Phoenix Ram - Cured Leather
Stalking Phoenix Panther - Cat Leaping
Stealing Phoenix Dolphin - Coin Rolling
Swimming Phoenix Cat - Fish Cutting

Skill Foundation Sigil Conjunctive Sigil Trine Sigil Vision
Bone Armor ? ? ? ?
Cloth Armor ? ? ? ?
Heavy Chain Phoenix Albatross - King Snake Coiled
Heavy Plate Phoenix Snake - Discarded Ironhelm
Leather Armor Phoenix Magpie - Stolen Strap
Light Chain Phoenix Weasel - Weasel with Tiny Lock
Light Plate Phoenix Viper - Viper Slithering
Shield Phoenix Wolverine - Wolverine Blocking

Skill Foundation Sigil Conjunctive Sigil Trine Sigil Vision
Brawling Coyote Wolverine - Wrestling in the Bush
Composite Bow Coyote Magpie - Snatching up Bugs
Halberds Coyote Centaur - a Man-Horse
Heavy Crossbow Coyote Phoenix - Roaring Flame
Heavy Edged Coyote Lion - Savage Lion
Heavy Thrown Coyote Raven - Raven Descending
Large Blunt Coyote Viper - Viper Nudging
Light Blunt Coyote Weasel - Grinning Weasel
Light Crossbow Coyote Dove - Dove Launching
Light Edged Coyote Cat - Captured Mouse
Light Thrown Coyote Wren - Wren Darting
Long Bow Coyote Albatross - Albatross Diving
Medium Blunt Coyote Snake - King Snake Wrapped
Medium Edged Coyote Wolf - Snarling Wolf
Multi Opponent Coyote Scorpion - Scuttling Scorpion
Offhand Weapon ? ? ? ?
Parry Ability Coyote Cobra - Cobra Swaying
Pikes Coyote Unicorn - Unicorn Jabbing
Quarter Staff Coyote Ram - Ram Crushing
Short Bow Coyote Nightingale - Nightingale Flying
Short Staff Coyote Dolphin - Dolphin Driving
Slings Coyote Boar - Boar Kicking
Staff Sling Coyote Ox - Oxen Team
Twohanded Blunt Coyote Shark - Massive Shark
Twohanded Edged Coyote Panther - Panther

Celestial bodies listed in italics are too faint to be seen with the naked eye and require a telescope for proper viewing.
Celestial bodies listed in white on a dark green background are present all year long.
Celestial bodies listed in green or on a light green background are present in the Spring.
(Note: For the sake of readability, celestial bodies which appear in both Spring and Summer are written like this in the table.)
Celestial bodies listed in yellow or on a yellow background are present in the Summer.
Celestial bodies listed in red or on an red background are present in the Fall.
Celestial bodies listed in blue or on a blue background are present in the Winter.
Celestial bodies listed on a colored background (other than dark green) are present for two seasons.

All credit for the table above goes to Celiviel.