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Moon Mage Cantrips


Cantrips are small feats of magic, not unlike spells, but generally lacking the power to harm or help in any serious way. Cantrips are split into two categories: General cantrips and Sect related cantrips.
In order to invoke a cantrip, you must chant cantrip <keyword> or to get a list, simply chant cantrip list. Most cantrips have a single keyword associated with them, as opposed to needing to chant the entire name.

General Cantrips
Name (keyword) Description Effect
Veiled Identity (face) This cantrip effects your personal appearance, namely your face. Your vision shimmers as an illusion covers your face with scintillating light.
You have a pair of transparent onyx-tinted eyes, a crown of crystals for hair, and scintillating fur. This is a mage that was in moonskin during the cantrip.
Meah K'et (flare) Lights a room, as with a torch. A brilliant arc of crimson and azure appears and flashes toward the sky!
Gift of the Stars (refill) Refills about 25 mana, but can only be used at night. You chant a small phrase, the power of your cantrip flowing from your lips!
You feel the energy of the constellations feed your magic.
Avtai Alshavi (season) Allows you to observe constallations out of season. You chant a small phrase, the power of your cantrip flowing from your lips!
You redirect your powers of foresight and suddenly feel able to view constellations out of season.

Sect Cantrips
Name (keyword) Description Effect Sect
Tiv's Mantle (mantle) Creates a 'cloak' with verbs which aid in monk meditation. A billowing cloak of some unusual crystalline substance appears and wraps itself around you. Monks
Melyo'a Ihean (eye) It creates a small shimmering eye that tells the user if anyone is hiding. G'nar Pethians