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Power Perception

How Moon Mage Power Perception Works

Unlike other guilds, where magic is determined by the spot you're standing in, moon magic is always the same, no matter where you might be. This can seem a little unintuitive to those who have played other magic using guilds, but one becomes used to it after a short amount of time. Also, unlike the other guilds, moon magic is broken up into five different types of magic, each with its own power level: transduction, moonlight manipulation, psychic projection, stellar magic, and perception. Each of these books of magic can have a different mana level depending upon the phase of the moons; so sometimes transduction spells are favored over perception spells, for instance.

Since a moon mage does not power walk in order to learn power perception, they must basically loop over a number of different things, perceiving each, in order to learn. This can be tedious, but some prefer it to needing to walk around in order to learn.

Thing Worth Perceiving