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Moon Mage


Aura Sight (AUS): Aura Sight improves your mystical senses, improving your tie to the Plane of Probability and your ability to sense mana. This has the indirect benefit of helping both your magic and your enchanting. Unfortunately, this spell has a price, and will hinder your normal perception as long Aura Sight is in effect.
Prerequisite: Clear Vision.
Clear Vision (CV): The Clear Vision spell merely enhances one's perception. It may be useful when casting other Perception spells. Rumors persist that Nomads of the Arid Steppe have an advantage when using this spell.
Distant Gaze (DG): The Distant Gaze spell allows you to watch the goings-on where you have a moonbeam focused. Though it is not the most powerful scrying tool available to Moon Mages, it works well for guard duty, where a mage can be aware of people or creatures approaching an area -- such as outside a home or on the entry path to a dangerous hunting area.
In addition to this, Distant Gaze's magical clairvoyance has the interesting side effect of providing a boost to power perception skill. While not as formidable as spells like Aura Sight, this benefit will last as long as the caster is watching his moonbeam.
Prerequisites: Locate and Focus Moonbeam.
Locate: The Locate spell shows you a vision of another person's location. Using more mana will allow you to see further locations further away. If you have the skill, you can cast at yourself or without a target and Locate will scry the locations of nearby creatures.
Prerequisite: Clear Vision.
Piercing Gaze (PG): The Piercing Gaze spell allows you to look right through an object to see what's inside. The harder the object, the more difficult it is.
Prerequisite: Clear Vision.
Seer's Sense (SEER): Seer's Sense hones the caster's magical senses, such that he may concentrate and sense the general distance and state of being of a target person regardless of their distance from him. If selfcast, the caster's foresight improves, allowing him to dodge better.
Prerequisite: Locate.
Tenebrous Sense (TS): It rarely befits an aspiring master of the moonlit nights to stumble around with a torch. Tenebrous Sense is a simple spell that translates the subtle shifting of shadow and mass into a sense. This allows the caster to function perfectly in the dark, even compensating for any trouble he may have foraging for objects in the dark.
Prerequisite: Clear Vision.

Psychic Projection

Hypnotize (CALM): The Hypnotize spell forces its 'victim' to relax for a moment. Too bad it doesn't work on Kssarh. While under Hypnotize's effects, a creature will not be able to attack, and a good cast will make a creature susceptible to commands from the caster. A potent cast may even keep it from moving at all.
Mental Blast (MB): The Mental Blast spell sends a jolt of mana directly into the target's brain, often incapacitating the victim and possibly causing them to drop whatever they're holding.
Prerequisite: Hypnotize.
Psychic Shield (PSY): The Psychic Shield spell offers a defense against mental spells and attacks. It is weakened by each blow against the psyche it absorbs, but wears off gradually over time regardless.
Prerequisites: Hypnotize, 5th circle.
Shadow Servant: The Shadow Servant spell summons a great hulking brute of a spirit creature, too stupid to serve as a bodyguard but suitable as a beast of burden.
Give an item to a Servant, and it will carry it for you until you ask for its return. To see what it's carrying at any time, you must cast Piercing Gaze on the Servant.
It will follow you faithfully, but slowly, until you release it. The spell takes a lot of effort to cast, so if you're unsure of your harnessing abilities you should not choose this spell.
Prerequisites: Shadowling, 25th circle.
Shadowling: The Shadowling spell summons -- or creates, depending on your philosophy -- a tiny spirit creature. It has a will of its own, is unpredictable, and will ignore any attempt to command it, but its small size and lack of power make it harmless. While a shadowling is near, Moon Mages' ability to harness mana may recover more quickly than normal.
Prerequisites: Psychic Shield, Focus Moonbeam.
Thoughtcast: Thoughtcast allows the caster to contact a person he is linked with via Seer's Sense with a single ESP message. If that person has a Seer's Sense link with others, the message may cascade to them as well.
Prerequisites: Seer's Sense, Hypnotize.

Moonlight Manipulation

Clarify Gem: The Clarify Gem spell focuses moonlight through a gem, removing flaws and increasing its value. You must be near a moonbeam you have focused, and you must use Piercing Gaze to inspect the gem first.
Prerequisites: Dazzle, Focus Moonbeam, Piercing Gaze.
Crystal Spike: The Crystal Spike spell is a targeted attack favored by the Monks of the Crystal Hand. Partly illusion and partly a remnant of ancient days before the Lunar Accord, this spell often includes a feint so that the real attack takes the target off guard. Targeting has no useful effect, but the spell is fairly accurate anyway, and usually strikes twice, emulating the martial style of the Monks.
Prerequisite: Clarify Gem
Darkness: The Darkness spell shrouds everyone in the area in a cloak of shadows, hiding them.
Dazzle: The Dazzle spell bathes the target in a bright flash of moonlight. It's such a bright flash that it will disorient the target and cause them to stop in their tracks. The intensity of the flash depends on the amount of power you put into the spell.
Dazzle tends to react violently with moon weapons, but if you cast it on a Moonblade, Heavy Moonblade, or Steelstar, the resulting shards from the explosion can be useful for Telekinetic Throw. The Dazzle spell is also useful for Enchanters.
Prerequisite: Shadows
Dinazen Olkar: The Dinazen Olkar spell creates an edged rope of shadows that attempts to rip body parts away from the target. Damage naturally depends upon your abilities at targeting as well as the amount of power you can put into the spell.
Prerequisites: Telekinetic Throw, Shadows.
Focus Moonbeam: The Focus Moonbeam spell establishes an anchor point for your magic, which remains up to several hours even if you wander leagues away. It is used for spells such as Distant Gaze and Teleport.
Prerequisite: Shadows.
Refractive Field (RF): The Refractive Field spell renders the caster invisble -- or nearly so. It's not perfect, especially in daylight. Others may see a faint glimmer. It lasts while you hold enough mana for it.
Prerequisites: Shadows, 10th circle.
Shadow Web: Shadow Web was perfected by the Adan'f, and many feel the spell is tainted by their foul touch. It will generate a dark web of pure shadow across the area, entrapping all who are unlucky enough to be snared in its dark embrace. Be warned of two things: Shadow Web does not function in watery areas, and the caster is not immune to the web.
Shadows: The Shadows spell diverts light away from the target, enhancing one's ability to hide.
Shift Moonbeam: The Shift Moonbeam spell allows you to move a focused moonbeam from a distance. You must internalize mana streams to use this spell, so cast it then just gesture in the direction your want your moonbeam to move. If you don't have Distant Gaze cast on your moonbeam, though, you may be moving it blindly.
Prerequisite: Distant Gaze.
Tezirah's Veil (TV): The spell of Tezirah's Veil will blind your opponent with all the possible actions it, or those around it, can take, effectively making them slower, clumsier, and less quick to react. It is rumored that members of the Progeny have an easier time with this spell.
Prerequisites: Clear Vision, Shadows.


Burn: The Burn spell concentrates an intense beam of light on its target, scorching it or setting it on fire.
Prerequisite: Focus Moonbeam.
Cage of Light (COL): Cage of Light weaves the light-fire of the moons into a protective barrier around its caster. Though it appears as a cage, the barrier moves effortlessly with the magician, weightless and unhindering.
This spell reduces the amount of injury the magician suffers from kinetic force and conventional weaponry. It can completely hedge out minor supernatural and elemental sources of injury, but any physical force behind the attack must still be accounted for: it may nullify the fiery enchantment of a sword, but the swing itself can only be reduced. It may squelch the dire holiness of a weak Fist of Faenella, but the kinetic force that propels it must be endured.
Prerequisite: Focus Moonbeam. Contingency: A spell for emergencies, Contingency will teleport the mage, should he die, become stunned, or disabled, to the location of either his moonbeam or to the feet of the person he is linked with via Seer's Sense. Like all teleport magic, it requires that the moons are visible, or the Contingency spell will fail.
Prerequisite: Seer's Sense, Teleport.
Imbue: The Imbue spell energizes an object with an intense level of Lunar mana, readying any useless item into something that an enchanter can use. Listen carefully, for it takes TWO castings of this spell to fully prepare an item, and any previous functions the item may have had are likely to be lost forever. Some Moon Mages who can't enchant still take this spell to help those that can as apprentices, though with more mana, the larger the item that can be Imbued.
Prerequisite: Focus Moonbeam, 20th circle.
Invocation of Energy (IOE): Invocation of Energy builds a complex mass of Lunar energy around the caster in two stages, creating a ritual circle. The caster can invoke this circle to draw its energy into himself, temporarily bolstering his mind and body with the forces of the heavens. The spell must be cast under the open sky, and at least two moons must be represented in some way: either from above the horizon or in a ritual component. Which faculties the ritual's energy strengthens depends on which moons the caster calls upon.
Be warned that a mortal body can only integrate the energy of one type of circle at a time! Attempting to invoke multiple variations of the ritual in short order is hazardous to the caster's health.
Prerequisite: Imbue.
Moonblade: The Moonblade spell channels the light-fire of the moons into a lightweight rapier-like blade excellent for slashing and thrusting. The blade is sturdy, but lasts only for a short while, and may never leave your hand. Those with greater knowledge in heavier edges will find that their created weapons will reflect this talent, becoming aptly suited for that skill.
Prerequisite: Focus Moonbeam.
Moongate: The Moongate spell will allow you to transport other people to any point where you have a moonbeam focused. Just be careful to never cast it without having a moonbeam focused.
Prerequisites: Teleport, 25th circle.
Partial Displacement: A very disturbing targetted spell which launches unstable teleportational energy at the target which activate on impact, potentially causing bits and pieces of said target to appear... elsewhere. A quite gruesome spell, it's not something any self-respecting scholar would ever admit to using. Some consider this spell to be unethical.
Prerequisite: Teleport.
Riftal Summons: Riftal Summons allows the caster to summon a person linked by way of the Seer's Sense spell to the caster's location for a limited amount of time. Once that time is up, the summoned person is moved back to their previous location. If for some reason the summoned can not be moved back, both the caster and the summoned begin taking nerve damage, until the summoned can be pulled via the rift back to their original location.
Prerequisite: Whole Displacement, Seer's Sense, 30th circle.
Ripple: The Ripple spell will create an area of unstable teleportational energy that tends to wink creatures and items out of existance. Be warned that this is a very difficult spell to handle.
Prerequisite: Whole Displacement, 25th circle.
Seal of Deflection: Seal of Deflection deflects targetted spells which do puncture damage and can also affect those which do impact damage. It drains the caster's harness over time. Once your attunement drops below a third of your normal amount, the Seal of Deflection will fail.
Shape Moonblade (SHMO): Shape Moonblade allows the caster to modify the Moonblade spell matrix making it more flexible. With the added flexibility, a moonblade can be shaped into various weapon types. With more skill, the caster can shape a moonblade into a deadlier weapon.
Prerequisite: Moonblade.
Shear: The Shear spell envelops you in a magical field that will absorb a spell and reactively lash back at the caster with a blast of mental energy. The drawback is that you will not be able to cast Psychic Projection spells while Shear is in effect.
Prerequisite: Psychic Shield.
Steelstar: The Steelstar spell is similar to Moonblade, but creates a small, sharp star-shaped throwing weapon. It makes for some interesting combinations with the Dazzle spell, should you manage to lodge one in a target creature.
Prerequisite: Moonblade.
Telekinetic Storm: The Telekinetic Storm spell hurls any lightweight loose objects in the area at random targets. Be warned that the caster is not excluded from being struck by flying items!
Prerequisites: Psychic Shield, Telekinetic Throw.
Telekinetic Throw (TKT): The Telekinetic Throw spell hurls a loose object from the ground at its target. The more mana you feed the spell, the more forceful the throw. If you have the Dazzle and Moonblade spells, you can create small slivers which will be chosen by Telekinetic Throw rather than a random item on the ground.
Teleport: The Teleport spell sends you to the location where you have previously focused a moonbeam. If you attempt to teleport to an unfocused moonbeam, the results are usually fatal. This is quite a difficult spell, but the more mana you use, the further away you can go and still teleport back to your moonbeam.
Prerequisite: Focus Moonbeam, 15th circle.
Unleash: The Unleash spell gives you the ability to prepare a spell at minimum mana directly from a scroll without invoking it. The scroll has a fair chance of being destroyed, however, and no warning is given as to how much mana will be required to cast the scroll spell once it is prepared. Enchanters also make use of this spell to energize sigils, and many have reported exceptionally good results from using Unleash.
Prerequisite: 20th circle.
Whole Displacement: Whole Displacement uses teleportational energy to move a target a short distance, perhaps out of combat or to a nearby area. Not only is it handy to displace friends and enemies, but it should also prove useful to the caster in escaping from difficult foes.
Prerequisite: Teleport.

Stellar Magic

Shadewatch Mirror: The knowledge of the Shadewatch Mirror spell has been limited to the Goldcaps, privledged members of the Y'Shai, and the Council since its inception. There is nothing further I can tell you at this time.
Starlight Sphere (SLS): For ages, the Starlight Sphere spell was thought to be a myth, and so has not been taught in the Guild. There are rumors that the knowledge of this spell is in the hands of a group of G'nar Pethians that dwell in Therenborough. Seek them to ask of such things.


No spells yet.

Spell Matrix

Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Clear Vision 4 70 No No No
Piercing Gaze 8 ? No No No
Locate 10 50 No No No
Distant Gaze 6 ? No No No
Seer's Sense 10 56 No No No
Aura Sight 6 60 No No No

Psychic Projection
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Hypnotize 3 75 No No No
Mental Blast 10 65 No No No
Psychic Shield 6 66 No No No
Shadowling 23 73 No No No
Shadow Servant 44 54 No No No
Thoughtcast 14 ? No No

Moonlight Manipulation
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Shadows 1 60 No No No
Focus Moonbeam 3 120 No No No
Dazzle 3 40 No No No
Refractive Field 4 None No No Yes
Tezirah's Veil 5 48 No No No
Shift Moonbeam 5 ? No No Yes
Dinzen Olkar 9 ? Yes No No
Darkness 12 ? No Yes No
Crystal Spike 8 ? Yes No No
Clarify Gem 10 ? No No No
Shadow Web 12 ? No Yes No

Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Telekinetic Throw 5 35 Yes No No
Burn 7 44 No No No
Moonblade 10 70 No No No
Teleport 15 26 No No No
Telekinetic Storm 10 40 Yes No No
Moongate 10 None No No Yes
Steelstar 4 ? No No No
Seal of Deflection 1 ? No Yes No
Unleash 3 ? No No No
Whole Displacement 12 ? No No No
Contingency 14 ? No No No
Partial Displacement 10 ? No No No
Ripple 10 ? No No No
Shear 8 53 No No No
Riftal Summons 15 ? No No No
Imbue 8 ? No No No

Stellar Magic
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Starlight Sphere 13 45 No No No
Shadewatch Mirror 15 ? No No No