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Time in the Realms

The Elanthian Day

The Elanthian day, like our own, is comprised of twenty-four hours, beginning and ending at midnight. There do not appear to be separate time zones, and sunrise occurs simultaneously all across Elanthia, so the Realms are presumably flat, or are small enough in extent that the differences are not noticeable.

Conversion: Time moves four times as quickly in the Realms as on Earth, so an Elanthian hour will be over in fifteen minutes, and an Elanthian day will last a mere six hours.

Earth Elanthia
100 days 1 Year
10 days 1 Month
1 day 1 Andu
6 hours 1 Day
30 minutes 1 Anlas
15 minutes 1 Hour
1 minute 1 Roisu

Many speak of the anlases (anlaen) as "hours," but each anlas is in fact two hours long (30 Earth minutes). There are twelve anlaen to the day. The smallest part of time, roisaen, are each equal to one Earth minute; there are therefore 30 roisaen to the anlas.

Most Elanthians have no access to clocks or other timepieces; they tell the time simply by the position of the sun. In some places, bells mark certain times of the day. On Aesry, many public places and businesses display an anlas candle as a timepiece; a few Elanthians possess orlogs, small windable timepieces, but these are rare.

Hour Anlas Earth Time EST* Sun Time
0 (Midnight) 0: Anduwen 2:45, 8:45 Midnight
1 3:00, 9:00
2 1: Starwatch 3:15, 9:15
3 3:30, 9:30
4 2: Asketi's Hunt 3:45, 9:45 Sunrise (earliest)
5 4:00, 10:00
6 3: Berengaria's Touch 4:15, 10:15
7 4:30, 10:30
8 4: Hodierna's Blessing 4:45, 10:45 Sunrise (latest)
9 5:00, 11:00
10 5: Periel's Watch 5:15, 11:15
11 5:30, 11:30
0 (Noon) 6: Dergati's Bane 5:45, 11:45 Noon
1 6:00, 12:00
2 7: Firulf's Flame 6:15, 12:15
3 6:30, 12:30
4 8: Tamsine's Toil 6:45, 12:45 Sunset (earliest)
5 7:00, 1:00
6 9: Meraud's Cloak 7:15, 1:15
7 7:30, 1:30
8 10: Phelim's Vigil 7:45, 1:45 Sunset (latest)
9 8:00, 2:00
10 11: Revelfae 8:15, 2:15
11 8:30, 2:30
* As there are four Elanthian days to the Earth day, these are both AM and PM. Times are approximate. Add one hour when on Daylight Savings Time.

The precise time of sunrise and sunset changes with the seasons, just as on Earth. The sun rises latest and sets earliest on the winter solstice, and rises earliest and sets latest on the summer solstice. For some unexplained reason, the summer and winter solstices are in midsummer and midwinter, rather than at the beginning of the season.

The Elanthian Calendar

Four days make up an andu (an andu is therefore equal to an Earth day). There are ten andaen, named for certain of the Immortals.

  1. Kertandu
  2. Hodandu
  3. Evandu
  4. Truffandu
  5. Havrandu
  6. Elandu
  7. Chandu
  8. Glythandu
  9. Faenandu
  10. Tamsandu

Ten andaen (forty Elanthian days) make up an Elanthian month. There are ten months, named for heroes associated with Lanival.

  1. Akroeg, the Ram
  2. Ka'len, the Sea Drake
  3. Lirisa, the Archer
  4. Shorka, the Cobra
  5. Uthmor, the Giant
  6. Arhat, the Fire Lion
  7. Moliko, the Balance
  8. Skullcleaver, the Dwarven Axe
  9. Dolefaren, the Brigantine
  10. Nissa, the Maiden

Ten months (one hundred andaen, or four hundred Elanthian days) make up an Elanthian year. There are seven year names that go in cycles; the year of the Victory of Lanival of the Redeemer was year 0, the year of the Silver Unicorn.

  1. Year of the Bronze Wyvern
  2. Year of the Golden Panther
  3. Year of the Amber Phoenix
  4. Year of the Iron Toad
  5. Year of the Emerald Dolphin
  6. Year of the Crystal Snow Hare
  7. Year of the Silver Unicorn