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Getting Favors in the Realms

The purpose of favors and how they work

Here, we will be discussing how to earn the Gods' favor and why it's important to do so.

Favors previously existed in order to keep your character from permanently dying, or Walking the Starry Road as it were. When your character 'dies' he is not fully dead, he still has the potential to return to life through resurrection or with the Gods' favor. Under the new system of favors, departing by using up 1-3 favors reduces the penalties your character will suffer when he or she comes back to life.

Your new options are as follows:
DEPART -- (1 favor) Standard depart. Lose all coins, 1 favor (if you have one), items go in grave or ward.
DEPART COINS -- (2 favors) Same as normal depart, but allows you to keep your coins.
DEPART ITEMS -- (2 favors) Same as normal depart, but allows you to keep your items (but not coins).
DEPART FULL -- (3 favors) Same as normal depart, but allows you to keep all items and coins.

Here, we will be discussing how to earn the Gods' favor.

Every individual in Dragonrealms has a chosen deity. This is the deity that will bestow favors upon them. In practical terms you can choose a different deity every time, though most stay loyal to a single God. We have created a table summarizing the Thirteen Gods (this excludes Rakash and Prydaen Gods) and their aspects that can be seen here.

To earn the favor from your God, you must first find an Orb. Once you have found an Orb you fill it with your field experience (experience you've earned, but hasn't yet 'pulsed'). The general rule is that you go and attempt to gain experience, by raising mind states in skills, most preferably locking and then rubbing the Orb to transfer this potential experience into it instead of allowing it to pulse as you normally would. Once the Orb is filled it must be taken to an altar and placed there.

Each favor you have makes getting subsequent favors more difficult, thus requiring more potential experience. Practically, you will see that your third favor is twice as hard to get as your second favor and your fourth favor is twice as hard as your third, and so on. You will want to have at least one favor for every 10 circles to keep depart penalties at a minimum.

You can now depart without any favors at all without risking permanent death, but you will incur the maximum depart penalty in both duration and severity.

The Clerics' Uncurse spell will now reduce the duration of the depart penalty, but not the severity. The more power put into the Uncurse, the greater the duration reduction.

Where to get favors

I mostly decided to write this guide to help people find favors in less obvious spots, such as Shard and Aesry, where it may or may not be considered an in-game secret.

Special Note
When getting favors at the 'alternate' altars, you must make the altar is cleaned by a Cleric. If it appears 'a bit dusty' this means it'll need to be cleaned with holy water before you can continue.

Getting the favor:
Go out the west gate and then follow these directions:

Once in the Stone Grotto, kneel and pray. Once you have your orb, GO ARCH and solve the riddle to get back to the Grotto. To return follow the instructions below:

Returning the favor: Once back in Crossing you need to return the orb to the alter in the Temple. Please note that you currently cannot go through the gate to the Temple if you are not holding a favor orb. The Temple is located SW of the bank. The directions to the alter are as follows:
GO GATE, N, go door.

Getting the favor:
Go out the west gate, go west 4 times, then SEARCH until you find a path. Go path, go west all the way until you find an opening. LIE and GO OPEN. You'll be in RT a while and end up in a cavern. You'll want to GO WHITE ARCH until you get to a room where you're able to go DOWN. Once down, GO DAIS, KNEEL and PRAY and follow the standard procedures for getting your orb. To leave, go DOWN, UP then GO WHITE ARCH until you get back to the opening, lie down again and go back out, GO TRAIL and then go east until you can GO ROAD then east all the way until you hit the west gate once again.
Returning the favor:
Go to the Temple of Light, which is one room east of the great tower in Shard. Assuming you're at the west gate, this would be east until you go bridge, east until you can go s, se, e, e, ne, n, e, go temple. Then go North and GO EYLHAAR ARCH, where you'll find an altar to sacrifice the orb on.

Theren and Lang
Three steps north of the bridge between Langenfirth and El'Bains Stop, you will find a shaded path. Go down this path and head north three times. In the glade, you will find an altar. This is Kuniyo's altar and she requires a blood wolf pelt be sacrificed for a favor from her. Skin a blood wolf or have someone that can hunt them get you a pelt. Go to Kuniyo's altar and put the pelt on the altar. Kneel down and pray and when she hears you, she will take the pelt and leave a favor orb. -- Submittedby Valynn

There are two places to get orbs on Ratha.
On the first tier, there's a shrine that's sw, nw, nw, n, nw, n, n, n, w, nw, n from the bank, and you place a gem thats worth 300 lirums or more on it and then get a Hav'roth orb.
There is an altar on the third tier in Hodierna's temple on the east side of the tier. The temple is n, nw, n, from the lift on the east side - once inside go arch twice. Put an herb on the altar and you'll receive a Hodierna orb. As with other alternate favor altars, it must be cleaned by a cleric.

There are at least two altars to get favors on Aesry, though I'll only talk about Meraud's altar, as it seems to be the easiest to use.
Firstly, this altar is one of the 'alternate' altar types, as is the one in Theren, where instead of facing a puzzle, you simply sacrifice a material possession. In the case of the Meraud altar, this will have to be a blood wolf pelt, a runestone, or a wolf bead, all things which are in someway connected to the god. Within the Cleric's Guild on Aesry, which is on the eastern most side of town, go into the northern room, put your sacrifice on the altar, kneel and pray a couple of times. After a short time the orb will appear, simply fill it as normal and return it to the altar when it's prepared.