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Juggling Weights

Generally speaking, in order to learn perception from juggling, you'll need to juggle items that are of a weight corresponding to your perception skill. The rule of thumb is to juggle something that is roughly 1/10th of your ranks, rounded down to the closest 5. So, for 210 ranks, you'll want to juggle something that weighs 20 stones while for 60 ranks, you'll want to juggle something that weighs 5 stones. There are some jugglies which fall into more convenient places between those weights, so play around and find out which fits you best, taking into account bonuses and spells.

Name Weight Location
Beanbags 1 stone Aesry Surlaenis'a
Butterfiles 3 stones Rossman's Landing
Fuzzy Hamsters 5 stones Aesry Surlaenis'a
Ladybugs 10 stones Rossman's Landing
Satin Clowns 15 stones Aesry Surlaenis'a
Crabs 20 stones Rossman's Landing
Wooden Oranges 25 stones Aesry Surlaenis'a
Beetles 30 stones Rossman's Landing
Oak Rings 35 stones Aesry Surlaenis'a
Lobsters 40 stones Rossman's Landing
Hand-Axes 45 stones Aesry Surlaenis'a
Juggling Pins 50 stones Aesry Surlaenis'a

Additionally, there are a great number of juggling items that have popped up over the years. Here are some others:

One Stone

  jade-colored balls, a set of colorful balls, guppy beanbags invaded by a lone toothy shark,
  detailed glass dragons, small pine dragons, rough oak eggs, etched rosewood eggs
  some detailed ebony eyeballs, luscious tropical fruits, yellow crystal lemons
  etched ebony rosebuds, carved cedar skulls, carved obsidian spheres, detailed cedar stars
  etched glass stars, small obsidian stars, small rosewood stars, detailed rosewood yaks
  etched rosewood yaks
Two Stone
  clay shards, green mosaic tiles
Three Stone
  colorful fabric butterflies
Ten Stone
  dried bamboo sticks, worthless contracts, stuffed dragons, a set of multi-colored dragons
Twenty-Five Stone
  blue glass bottles, miniature leather-bound books, green juggling coconuts
  miniature rounded tin helms, oversized silver kronars, miniature pirate ships
  miniature ivory skulls, red wooden apples, some medium wooden shields
  emblazoned with the symbol of the Order of the Dragon Shield, some glass
  vials marked with the naphtha symbol
Thirty-Five Stone
  some miniature drunken rangers
Forty Stone
  golden crowns
Forty-Five Stone
  heavy ironwood dragons
Fifty Stone
  rough juggling clubs
Sixty-Five Stone
  some pewter-handled hammers (?)
Seventy-Five Stone
  juggling scythes