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Gods and Aspects
Name Aspect Gender Symbol Associated with
Chadatru Primary Male Lion Justice, Blindness, Combat, Truth, Government
Rutilor Positive Male Mongoose Kindness, Fairness, Truth, Swords, Defense
Botolf Negative Male Goshawk Dishonesty, Corruption, Injustice, Fallen Paladins, Thieves
Damaris Primary Male Panther Night, Dreams, Thieves, Assassins, Children
Phelim Positive Male Nightingale Moon Mages, Astrology, Honorable Thieves, Promises
Dergati Negative Female Shrike Nightmares, Monsters, Darkness, Vengeance, Destruction
Eluned Primary Female Dolphin Seas, Knowledge, Elotheans, Speech, Sailors
Lemicus Positive Female Albatross Fresh waters, Navigation, Libraries, Favorable Winds, Elves, Dancers
Drogor Negative Male Shark Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Drowning of Children, Loss of Knowledge
Everild Primary Male Boar Barbarians, Warriors, Combat, Honor, Burial of Warriors
Kuniyo Positive Male Wolverine Rangers, Warriors, Combat, Wilderness
Trothfang Negative Male Wild Centaur Torture, Cannibalism, Chaos, Cruelty, Destruction
Faenella Primary Female Wren Poetry, Bards, Fae, Adventure, Inspiration, Stringed Instruments, Caravans
Murrula Positive Female Phoenix Beauty, Training Talent, Travelers, Woodwinds, Curing Hangovers, Singing
Idon Negative Male Heron Thieves, Rogues, Lust, Percussion Instruments, Ambushes, Vanity
Glythtide Primary Male Ram Joy, Merriment, Wine, Song, Bards, Food, Halflings, Arthe Dale
Saemaus Positive Male Donkey Love, Festivities, Marriage, Happiness, Pregnancy, Food
Be'ort Negative Male Coyote Insanity, Bitter Partings, Lost Opportunities, Melancholy
Hav'roth Primary Male Cobra Rock, Earth, Desert, Metals, Gems, S'Kra Mur
Peri'el Positive Female King Snake Calming of Inner Earth, War Veterans, Singing, Oceans
Ushnish Negative Male Viper Disease, Old Age, Natural Disasters, Earthquakes, Tantrums
Hodierna Primary Female Unicorn Life, Healing, Empaths, Springtime, Harvest
Berengaria Positive Female Cow Motherhood, Wisdom, Light, Renewal, Hope
Asketi Negative Female Adder Pain, Terror, Loss, Death, Darkness
Kertigen Primary Male Raven Fairness, Practicality, Prosperity, Dwarves, Crafts
Divyaush Positive Male Welkin Prosperity, Luck, Helpfulness, Children
Zachriedek Negative Male Raccoon Cruelty, Misfortune
Meraud Primary Male Black Wolf Magic, Foresight, Knowledge, Aloofness, Elotheans
Firulf Positive Male Grey Horned Owl Kindness, Sternness, Craftiness, Foresight, Moon Mages
Kerenhappuch Negative Female Shrew Beauty, Madness, Immorality, Ruthlessness, Schemes
Tamsine Primary Female Tabby Cat Home, Domestic Skills, Peace, Public Buildings, Temples
Albreda Positive Female Dove Peace, Alliances, Marriages, Orphans, Empaths, Families
Harawep Negative Female Black Widow Disloyalty, War, Lightning, Destruction, Deception, Murderers
Truffenyi Primary Male Ox Mortality, Mercy, Sternness, Blessings, Humans, Halflings
Alamhif Positive Male Magpie Firm Guidance, Children, Resurrection, Protection
Huldah Negative Male Weasel Trickery, Schemes, Magical Storms, Hatred of Mortals
Urrem'tier Primary Male Scorpion Death without Malice or Intent, Amorphousness
Eylhaar Positive Female Jackal Death without Pain, Patience
Aldauth Negative Male Vulture Agony, Sadism, Scavengers, Foolish and Painful Deaths