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Shrines and Altars


Not all of the altars listed here will help with devotion; that is, not all of them can be washed, kissed, etc. In order to add them to your pilgrim's badge, you must: PUSH <altar> WITH BADGE.

Location God Devotional?
Crossing: Cleric's Guild Chapel Hodierna and Kertigan
Crossing: Handfaster's Glade Saemaus
Crossing Ushnish
Crossing Kertigen
Crossing: Ve Aevan Gaenan High Altar
Crossing: Tamsine's Rest
Arthe Dale Glythtide
Dense Copse
Tiger Clan, Church Albreda
Kaerna Village Damaris
Kaerna, near Eluned's Pool
North of Gondola, near snowbeasts Berengaria
Leth Deriel, Kilth Aldiyaus
Leth Deriel, Hodierna's Solace

Location God Devotional?
Gilen Otso Steppes, Prairie Grove Kuniyo
White Bridge, Darkmist Moor
Steelclaw Clan, Chapel
Steelclaw Clan, Shrine of the Dragon

Location God Devotional?
Ratha, 3rd Tier, Altar of the Dark Aspects
Ratha, 3rd Tier, Hodierna's Sanctuary
Ratha, 3rd Tier, Phelim's Temple
Ratha, 3rd Tier, Urrem'tier's Scorpion
Ratha, 3rd Tier, Faenella's Temple
Ratha, 3rd Tier, Everild's Temple
Ratha, 3rd Tier, Damaris' Temple
Ratha, 3rd Tier, Shrine to Glythtide
Ratha, 3rd Tier, Chandatru's Temple
Ratha, 3rd Tier, Kertigen's Temple
Aesry, Tethloren Island, Shrine to Lemicus
Aesry, Tethloren Island, Shrine to Eluned
Aesry, Tethloren Island, Altar in Halasa Temple
Aesry, Sea Caves, Shrine to Drogor
Mer'Kresh, Cleric's Guild Chapel

Location God Devotional?
Muspar'i, Golden Heights
Muspar'i, Temple of Hav'roth
Theren, Chandatru's Chapel in Theren Keep
Theren, Village Chapel
Theren, Altar to Ker'Leor, Zindalyi Lyba
El Bain's, Stone Alter, Forest Path's End Kuniyo
El Bain's, Shrine of the Huntress in a dark thicket
Rossman's Landing, church
Riverhaven, Kweld Gelvdael
Riverhaven, shrine of Harawep Harawep
Riverhaven, Temple Divyaush
Riverhaven, shrine of Urrem'tier

Note: Most of these were taken from a post by Koliasa on the DR boards.