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Cleric Spells

Holy Defense

Benediction: The Benediction spell allows a Cleric to manifest their faith and devotion into a blessing of enhanced physical prowess. Under the effects of this blessing a Cleric may find that their body moves with greater ease, their blows fall with greater force than before, or even that their strikes land home with far greater accuracy. Be warned, however, that this is certainly not a spell for the weak of mind, spirit, or faith.
Prerequisites: Major Physical Protection, Bless, 30th circle.
Confound Enemies (coe): The Confound Enemies spell conjures a pall of spectral fog that obscures one from enemies as long as mana is held to sustain it. Projectile attacks including targeted magic, thrown weapons, and bows will find it more difficult to strike any employing it.
Prerequisite: Protection from Evil, 15th circle.
Halo: Much as the Divine Radiance and Shield of Light spells solidify lucent energy into solid matter, the Halo spell forms a powerful wall of light that echoes away from the caster. If successful, this force will push foes at close range back, and may even knock them into a daze or send them sprawling. The Undead are especially susceptible to these magics, often suffering wounds at the brunt of the holy energy crashing into them.
Major Physical Protection (mapp): The Major Physical Protection spell will impart the caster and his or her group with a temporarily enhanced ability to avoid attacks. Those who receive the benefit of the essence surrounding the Cleric must take care not to stray too far from the source, lest the effect fade prematurely.
Prerequisites: Minor Physical Protection, 15th circle.
Minor Physical Protection (mpp): The Minor Physical Protection spell enhances one's ability to block physical attacks with a parrying weapon or shield.
Prerequisite: Protection from Evil.
Protection From Evil (pfe): The Protection from Evil spell defends the faithful against the unholy touch of the Undead. It will also attempt to repel various varieties of magic including Necromancy, Sorcery, and all that employed by otherwise cursed or Undead beings. While not evil, attacks with origins in Holy magic or by minions of the dark gods are also buffered by this spell's pattern.

Spirit Manipulation

Bitter Feast (bf): A modified version of the Eylhaar's Feast matrix, Bitter Feast removes the elements of the spell responsible for euphoria. There is no risk of addiction when using Bitter Feast, but the true sensation of having a portion of his soul forcibly ripped apart to fuel the transmutation is unpleasant for the caster, to say the least.
Since Bitter Feast is essentially an incomplete spell, the caster must have knowledge of the Eylhaar's Feast spell to permanently memorize it. This practical limitation has kept Bitter Feast from replacing Eylhaar's Feast entirely.
Prerequisite: Eylhaar's Feast.
Note: This spell is scroll only.
Centering: The Centering spell channels one's steadiness of faith and spirit into a force which aids the body when it falters. This spell may be woven into an Osrel Meraud orb.
Prerequisite: Vigil.
Eylhaar's Feast (ef): Eylhaar's Feast grants its caster unique control over his soul. A Holy Mage with this spell can transmute a portion of his spiritual energy into any other form of bodily energy: be it vigor, magical attunement or raw life force.
The sensation of using Eylhaar's Feast is surprisingly euphoric. Repeated short-term use may addict the caster to the sensations the spell provides. In the thrall of addiction it is dangerously easy to steal away too much of the soul at once, granting the caster the pleasant death of the spell's namesake.
Prerequisites: 20th circle, Vigil.
Rejuvenation: The Rejuvenation spell reverses the decline of a dead person's memories, so that when they are resurrected by the will of the gods or the intervention of a Cleric, they lose less, possibly even none, of their skills. You will find that the spell grows more efficient in its use of mana as you progress in skill.
Prerequisite: 2nd circle.
Soul Bonding (sb): The Soul Bonding spell rejoins a dead spirit back to its body, preventing the spirit from being separated -- by will or by force -- from it. The spell is also used in Resurrections and other holy rituals.
Prerequisite: Vigil.
Vigil: Through discipline and focus, the Cleric learns to manipulate the ebb and flow of an energy foreign to all but fellow clergy -- the spirit. The Vigil spell will form a conduit of Holy essence between yourself and the target which will foster the passage of this spiritual energy. Whichever party lacks spirit while the other's cup overflows shall be the benefactor of this osmosis. This is especially useful to preserve the spirit of a fallen friend while ministering the rites of death. The spiritual link has various other applications which you may surmise through its use.
Alternately, the spell may be cast with no target. This will form a similar conduit of magical essence between yourself and the the spiritual plane -- commonly referred to as the Starry Road -- to bolster your spirit's strength and the rate at which it recovers from harm.
Prerequisite: Rejuvenation.

Holy Enchantments

Bless: The Bless spell renders a profane object sacred. It is used in the production of holy water, and prepares weapons for use against the Undead.
Curse of Zachriedek (coz): The Curse of Zachriedek spell will malign the weapon or armor of your foe, causing it to become weak and unstable. As a result, the object will be less able to serve its intended purpose. The Uncurse spell may be able to unravel this foul enchantment.
Prerequisites: Uncurse.
Divine Radiance (dr): The Divine Radiance spell is a matrix of two possible patterns.
The first will yield a glowing aura which enwreathes the caster, lighting the way in the darkness and eliminating the need for a torch or lantern.
The second pattern will conjure an intense beam of holy light which will streak forth from the caster's palm to strike a specified foe. The physical force manifested by the blessed ray may cause enemies to stumble, and will likely even burn the accursed flesh of the Undead. One's skill in Targeted Magic will increase the accuracy and strength of this pattern.
Prerequisite: Bless.
Fist of Faenella (ff): Fist of Faenella creates a globe of holy energy which can cause great damage to a single foe. While fairly effective against living creatures, Faenella's intense hatred for the Undead infuses the spell with extra power against those accursed creatures. Ethereal flames envelop the blessed globe cast at an Undead creature, burning the target with divine 'fire' where normal fire spells falter. The caster, with enough skill and power, can produce multiple globes to hurl at an Undead foe. Take care, however, as these globes are much harder to finely control.
Prerequisites: 15th circle, Hand of Tenemlor.
Hand of Tenemlor (hot): At the Hub of Windhowl there was an ancient mosaic of Tenemlor as Guardian of the Blessed: a tall white-furred lady, regal and beautiful but for one burned, withered paw. This is the hand with which She blasts anyone who dares disturb the peaceful rest of the dead.
Prerequisite: Bless.
Harm Evil (he): The Harm Evil spell disrupts the physical manifestations of undead, demonic, and cursed beings. The spell has also been known to have ill effects upon the minions of the Dark Gods, although they are neither evil nor undead. It is most effective if one targets the foul creature before casting.
Prerequisite: Divine Radiance.
Harm Horde (hh): The Harm Horde spell disrupts the physical manifestations of undead, demonic, and cursed beings. The spell has also been known to have ill effects upon the minions of the Dark Gods, although they are neither evil nor undead. While in most respects similar to Harm Evil, the Harm Horde spell will create an outward expanding ring of holy power, inflicting damage to all such beings it strikes until its power wanes.
Prerequisite: Harm Evil.
Horn of the Unicorn (horn): Quite an exalted power, this spell shapes holy energy into a dreamlike, ephemeral manifestation of the fabled unicorn and unleashes it toward an enemy. Although only the horn of the ethereal beast is tangible enough to be lethal -- hence the spell's name -- the unicorn itself will reflect the Cleric's soul; be it as light as Berengaria's morning or as dark as Asketi's night. Divinity inspirits the magical unicorn when faced with the accursed, directing its gallop to their annihilation.
Prerequisites:40th circle, Fist of Faenella.
Malediction: The Malediction spell is a curse that will enfold the target in a pall of dark energy, constricting its movement and making it less effective in combat. As with most enchantments of this nature, the pattern may be unwoven with the Uncurse spell. Be careful with this power, however, lest Harawep lay waste to your plans and turn the curse back upon you.
Through deep study, it has been determined that the Malediction curse is very versatile. You may focus its energies upon your target's defense or offense abilities specifically, or weave the cast generally to affect both. An unfocused cast will be less effective than a focused one, however.
Prerequisites: Uncurse, 15th circle.
Osrel Meraud (om): The Osrel Meraud spell is a powerful enchantment that imbues a glass orb bearing the favor of the spell's namesake deity or one of his aspects with holy mana, transforming it into a magical reservoir. If skilled enough, the caster will be able to weave the pattern of other magical spells into the orb. These spells will affect the caster, but feed off of the orb's energy, leaving the caster free to utilize other magics. Currently the Osrel Meraud spell will work in conjunction with the Centering, Shield of Light, Confound Enemies and Halo spells.
Prerequisites: Divine Radiance, 20th circle.
Persistence of Mana (pom): The Persistence of Mana spell will allow him to rend apart the normal boundaries of his magical prowess, extending those horizons to new heights. The process is painful and taxing upon his concentration, but the rewards are quite bountiful - as long as the spell remains in effect, his capacity to harness mana will be bolstered.
Prerequisites: Osrel Meraud.
Shield of Light (sol): The Shield of Light spell creates a blessed shield, keeping it in existence as long as mana is held. With advanced magic skill and unwavering faith, a cleric may find that they can create larger and less-hindering shields. The divine shield will also allow the cleric to block the attacks of cursed and Undead beings with greater accuracy than they would otherwise with mundane shields.
Prerequisite: Divine Radiance.
Uncurse: The Uncurse spell is our response, restoring those people back to normalcy or returning items to a usable state. It will prove useful if you are unfortunate enough to be struck by a curse , but be warned that self casting this spell will not be as effective as having a fellow Cleric cast it.
Prerequisite: Bless, 10th circle.

Divine Intervention

Abeyant Orison (ao): The Abeyant Orison spell lets you intercept self cast, beneficial spells and place them at rest within an Osrel Meraud orb. Later, by invoking the Abeyant Orison spell from the orb, you can release the energy of the spells stored within, activating all of them rapidly.
Abeyant Orison is known to work with almost all beneficial spells, even those outside the realm of Holy magic, though the strength of those spells is limited based on the energy invested in the initial casting. The Osrel Meraud orb must be attuned to Abeyant Orison in order to place any spell in abeyance.
Prerequisites: 30th circle, Osrel Meraud.
Aesrela Everild (ae): The Aesrela Everild spell will transmute a portion of your spirit energy into a physical force, manifesting as deadly bolts of flame that will rain destruction upon your intended foe. Both the strength of your spirit and your skill in targeted magic will bolster the spell's effectiveness. Take great care with this spell pattern -- the more mana you feed it with, the more bolts it spawns, and the more spirit energy it will expend!
Prerequisites: Divine Radiance, Vigil, 20th circle.
Huldah's Pall: Huldah's Pall is a trickster's spell. It sets up a lattice of magic around its hapless target that drains any attempt to channel mana into a spell pattern! This means that whomever is afflicted by Huldah's Pall will be unable to cast spells for a time, including those already prepared when you cast.
Calling upon this spell's namesake is risky business, so make sure your target really is a spellcaster, or you will be the one afflicted with the curse! One can remove Huldah's Pall from its victim with Uncurse, so remember this if you forget the nature of Huldah!
Prerequisites: Uncurse.
Murrula's Flames (mf): The Murrula's Flames spell is a powerful enchantment that will invoke the favor of all the Immortals in order to rebirth a devout Cleric in a blazing pyre of phoenix's fire. Great care must be taken, as the careless may find their state of death worsened if they weave the magics too loosely, or allow them to wane once in effect.
Prerequisites: Unknown
Note: If you are not yet ready to do the quest for this spell, guild leaders will tell you the following: "You speak the name of a powerful enchantment indeed, perhaps the most esteemed magic any of our order may wield." and "You must progress further in the guild before I will divulge more about its workings, however."
Phelim's Sanction (ps): Among his many deeds, Phelim is renowned for putting the mighty World Dragon to sleep with a handful of silvery sand. Drawing on this example, Phelim's Sanction is a spell pattern which, if successfully cast, will stun its target with a deluge of divine light. This spell is especially useful to aspiring Undead hunters as it functions with greater efficiency when used against those accursed abominations. It is possible that an Undead target -- even a disembodied spirit -- will be utterly incapacitated by the Holy power channeled by Phelim's Sanction.
Prerequisite: Bless. Revelation: Divine Intervention spell patterns are active by nature. The Revelation spell is no different, attempting to reveal hidden pockets of spiritual essence that may indicate the presence of another mortal as long as the pattern is sustained by the mana channeled into it.
Prerequisites: Divine Radiance.
Resurrection (rezz): The Resurrection spell is but one of the greatest gifts the Immortals may grant a Cleric. Once a soul is bonded to its body, this spell will return the body to life.
Prerequisites: 30th circle, quest
Notes: This spell must be prepared as rezz, rather than resurrection. Favorless can no longer be resurrected.