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Prayer Messaging

Notes: First person messagings that are identical to what other people see (except for the point of view) are not listed.
The Prydaen Gods have not been forgotten! At least not by us. They do not seem to be coded in for prayers.

The Thirteen

With renewed purpose you offer up a prayer to Chadatru for the strength to follow the righteous path.
Cleric seems to strengthen in resolve as she offers a brief prayer to Chadatru.
Drawing your fist to your heart, you mutter sternly, "May Rutilor's wisdom and justice guide my dealings with others, keeping me honorable and true to myself."
Cleric draws her fist to her heart, and mutters a stern prayer.
Glancing furtively at the comforting shadows, you mutter, "Botolf, keep me safe from detection and help me escape from the heavy hand of the law."
With a furtive religious gesture and an inaudible litany, Cleric steps back toward the shadows.

You bow your head and say in a hushed voice, "Damaris, guard and protect the children this night."
Cleric bows her head and mutters a short prayer in a hushed voice. Raising her head, she glances to the shadows with a knowing smile.
You murmur softly to yourself, "May Phelim send me sweet dreams and true visions."
Cleric dreamily murmurs a brief prayer to herself.
A faint susurration comes from Cleric's direction, "All honor and reverence be given unto Dergati, that she may be patient with our foolishness and spare our souls from her vengeance."

Cleric offers a prayer to Eluned for safe journeys.
You pray quietly, "Lemicus, guide those who sail on the sea, and bring them back safely to those who wait upon the shore."
Cleric gazes to the distance with a wistful expression and prays quietly.
Cleric throws her head back and howls, "The enemies of Lord Drogor shall drown as the sharks tear them apart limb from limb, and their blood shall feed the lightless depths!"

Cleric raises her fist to the heavens and says, "Everild, may my strength be unwavering against my foe."
Cleric lifts her chin proudly and says, "May Kuniyo guide my steps in the wilderness and my blade in the midst of battle."
Feeling your blood boiling, you bellow, "Mighty Trothfang! I shall strip off heathens' skins to decorate the temple walls as their still-beating hearts feed your high altar."
Cleric raises her fists and bellows ferociously, "Mighty Trothfang! I shall strip off heathens skins to decorate the temple walls as their still-beating hearts feed your high altar."

You take a deep breath and close your eyes, silently beseeching Faenella for your hands to be steady and your touch true.
Cleric takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, seeming to gather energy from a silent prayer.
You recite fervently, "Murrula, protect me as I travel, and grant me inspiration in my music. May my singing fall pleasantly upon your ears, and win approbation from my audience."
Cleric fervently recites a low, melodic canticle.
With an exultant grin, Cleric proclaims, "May Idon's glory shine on us, his charm and wit inspire us and his wrath fall far from our doorstep!"

With a mirthful laugh, Cleric offers up a thankful prayer to Glythtide for his many blessings.
Smiling joyously, Cleric chants, "May Saemaus' blessing be upon your love, that it will bring happiness, joy and laughter to you forever."
Cleric chants solemnly, "May Be'ort's gaze not fall upon your love, nor his ire upon your family. Do not offend him, lest you die in anguish, madness and pain."

You mutter a prayer to Hav'roth to steady and strengthen you.
Cleric mutters a prayer and appears to grow calm.
Aligning your thoughts with the song of the inner earth, you intone, "Softly sing out praises to Peri'el, whose gentle voice lulls the World Dragon in its eternal slumber." Closing her eyes in utter tranquility, Cleric intones, "Softly sing out praises to Peri'el, whose gentle voice lulls the World Dragon in its eternal slumber."
Cleric grumbles ominously, "May Ushnish's ire not focus on me, nor on my family, that disease and famine may pass us by. May he spare our town from his wrath, lest lava flow and floods strike down."

You murmur under your breath, "Lady of healing, if you get me out of this I'll be good for the rest of my days!"
Cleric murmurs something under her breath you cannot quite hear, and seems to gain strength from it.
Cleric proclaims cheerfully, "Praise be to Berengaria, bringer of the dawn light, queen of the morning!"
Cleric raises her voice in reverent praise, "Honor be to Asketi of the Northern Wind. Spare our fields, and our souls."

You offer a quiet prayer of thanks for handsome reward of hard effort.
Cleric places her hands together in silent prayer. A smile passes her lips and you can't help but notice how she begins to rub her hands together.
Clasping your hands humbly, you murmur, "Good Divyaush, guide my work and don't withhold your vast indulgence from my family."
Clasping her hands humbly, Cleric murmurs a hearty supplication.
You hum under your breath, "Lord Zachriedek, make the lives of my enemies miserable. May their luck shatter and crumble at your touch!"
Cleric hums a foreboding prayer, a saturnine sneer curling her lips.

You glance heavenward and murmur to yourself, "Meraud strengthen my magic that it not fail me in my time of need!"
Cleric glances heavenward a moment, and utters a desperate prayer.
Firulf: You quietly go over the mantra you learned as an acolyte. "May Firulf's foresight guide my path, and may my magic be the bane of accursed abominations."
Cleric chants a quiet mantra to herself a few times.
Immersing yourself in your faith you murmur, "Lady of supreme beauty, swat others out of my path as I quest for arcane wisdom... for if I cannot have the knowledge, no one will."
With a callous smirk, Cleric murmurs a brisk prayer.

You roll your eyes heavenward and murmur a soft prayer to Tamsine, asking for patience.
Cleric gazes heavenward with a long-suffering look and murmurs a prayer to Tamsine for patience.
Cleric intones serenely, "Albreda send us peace and prosperity, and grant long life to our nation. May her gentle blessings bring healing to our lands."
You narrow your eyes and rasp tenebrously, "May my life not be tangled in Harawep's weaving, and her wrath not sweep like fire across the lands."
Cleric narrows her eyes and rasps tenebrously to herself.

You sigh and say softly, "Truffenyi forgive me for my failings."
Cleric sighs and says a soft prayer to herself.
Cleric opens her arms in a benevolent motion as she chants, "May Alamhif grant us his protection and guidance on our journey back from death's void."
You glance at your surroundings before snarling, "Master Huldah, separate me from all these pathetic mortals."
Cleric glances about in disdain and snarls a bitter prayer.

You close your eyes and slow your breathing. Clearing your mind you begin chanting a prayer to the god of the void.
Cleric closes her eyes and begins to chant quietly, her lips quivering with each word as her skin pales noticeably.
Eylhaar: You still your thoughts and whisper pleadingly, "Lady Eylhaar, may your frigid caress meet my skin before the vicious sting of Aldauth's beak."
Cleric's eyes become abyssal as she whispers a pleading prayer in a sonorous voice.
You prepare to take lives for the Lord of Torment, grating in an icy voice, "Blood... for... Aldauth..."
Cleric curls her twitching fingers into claws, grating in an icy voice, "Blood... for... Aldauth..."

Rakash Gods

You tap the center of your forehead as you utter a prayer to the Rakash God, "Mrod guide."
Cleric taps the center of her forehead as she prays, "Mrod guide."
With a pat you double check your armor and pray to Coshivi to aid you in battle.
Cleric checks her armor and prays that Coshivi will protect her in battle.
You whisper your prayer into the wind so it will be carried to Enelne's ear. Cleric whispers a prayer from her mouth into the wind, certain it will reach Enelne's ear.

All information here has been submitted by Embalmer Jaibriel.