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Empathic Shock


Empaths cannot cause (or attempt to cause) harm to others, including creatures and sentient plants without suffering harm themselves. It's the attempt to harm, regardless of the outcome, which gives shock. If you do not actually do harm, the shock will be lesser than if you do. The shock of killing is the strongest.

Getting and not getting shock

Fishing: Be careful. This is how many Empaths get shock.

Brawling: If you are in brawl mode you will receive shock for kicking, punching, and biting. Moves that do not cause harm are acceptable, such as circle, weave, push, shove, and tackle. These moves will not give you shock as they simply unbalance your opponent, rather than doing harm. If you are not in brawl mode you may kick, bite, and punch people without receiving shock.

Poison: Rubbing poison onto someone or feeding it to them will give you shock.

Skinning: Skinning or eating dead creatures will not give you shock, however you will receive shock by trying to eat something that is still alive.

Miscellaneous: Poking, bopping, thumping, and slapping people will not give shock.
--Blowing up area boxes will not give shock.
--Throwing snowballs, pies, and jellybeans will not give you shock, nor will hitting people with pillows.
--Initiating or accepting a challenge will not give shock, unless you attempt to harm the other person.

Detecting Shock

If you touch an Empath who has received shock but had it fade, you will see this message: Sadly, you sense the lingering stain of empathic shock within <Empath's Name>.

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