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Empathic Abilities


This ability will lend you some of the skill of another person in order to boost your present ability. It drains some concentration and if your concentration drops too far, you'll lose the link.

Learning to Link

Only an Empath who has learned this ability will be able to teach it to you.

Link Options

Typing link once you've learned the ability will show you your options.

Initiating a Link

To initiate a link, you type link <name> <skill>. Where <name> is the name of the person you with to link with and <skill> is the skill you wish to link.

Accepting a Link

To allow someone to link with you, type link <name>. Where <name> is the person who initiated the link.

Refusing a Link

To refuse to allow a link, type link <name> refuse. Where <name> is the name of the person who initiated the link.

Checking Links

You can check what links you have by typing, link check

Canceling a Link

To cancel a link, type link cancel. Typing link all cancel will cancel all links you currently have.

Learning Manipulation

You must be either a 40th circle Empath or be taught Manipulation by one.

Using Manipulation

To control a creature, you type manipulate friendship <creature>. Where <creature> is the creature you wish to manipulate.

This ability does not work on all creatures and can even draw the attention of some creatures, such as silverfish, to you. This will drain your concentration quickly and should your concentration fall to low levels your connection to the creature(s) will snap.

Anoushka Solovsky