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Empath Spells

Empaths may choose spells at the following circles: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, and every third circle thereafter. The first four spells you should choose are External Wound Healing, Internal Wound Healing, External Scar Healing, and Internal Scar Healing, in that order.


Heal: The Heal spell attempts to locate and heal the worst wounds on the Empath. If cast without specifying a type of wound, it will simply look for the worst damage. The Empath can specify wounds or scars if they desire to look for the worst damage of a given type. The spell can heal multiple wounds with sufficient power, but is very inefficient at doing so.
Prerequisites: Heal Scars, 15th circle.
Heal Scars (hs): The Heal Scars spell will attempt to repair scars on your body. When cast on a body part, it will attempt to heal external scars first, and then internal if any healing potential remains. An empath can choose to heal only external scars or only internal scars as well (CAST ). The Empath can also attempt to heal internals first with any remaining power going to externals.
Prerequisite: Heal Wounds.
CAST <bodypart> or CAST <bodypart> <EXTERNAL/INTERNAL/REVERSE>
Heal Wounds (hw): The Heal Wounds spell will attempt to repair wounds to your body. When cast on a body part, it will attempt to heal external wounds first, and then internal if any healing potential remains. An Empath can choose to heal only external wounds or only internal wounds as well (CAST [bodypart] [EXT|INT]). The empath can also attempt to heal internals first with any remaining power going to externals.
CAST <bodypart> or CAST <bodypart> <EXTERNAL/INTERNAL/REVERSE>
Regenerate: The Regenerate spell, as the name suggests, encourages your body to rapidly recover from minor wounds and scars using held mana. However, it cannot heal nervous injuries, nor can it heal severe scars or bleeding wounds.
Prequisites: Heal Scars, Heal Wounds, 30th circle.
Vitality Healing (vh): The Vitality Healing spell restores your life's blood given to heal others, or that lost to bleeding, poison, disease, or other injury. It is an essential tool for an Empath, and the effect is increased with more mana.
Prerequisite: 6th circle.

Body Purification

Blood Staunching (bs): The Blood Staunching spell temporarily halts the flow of your blood for up to ten minutes, keeping you from bleeding to death during that time.
Prerequisite: 6th circle.
Cure Disease (cd): The Cure Disease spell will seek out diseases in your body and aid your immune system in eradicating them. You can choose to target a specific disease if you wish.
Prerequisite: Blood Staunching.
Note: While you cannot take disease from others until 18th-22nd circle (or equivalent Empathy ranks), you are capable of healing yourself of disease prior to that.
Flush Poisons (fp): The Flush Poisons spell will assist your immune system in quickly ridding your body of dangerous poisons. You can cast it in general, or cast it upon a specific poison by location or name.
Prerequisite: Blood Staunching.
Note: You are able to take poison from others around 11th circle.

Life Force Manipulation

Aesandry Darlaeth (ad): The Aesandry Darlaeth spell will force your muscles to react much more swiftly than they normally would. As long as you hold mana for this spell, you will become more balanced, and have a greater chance of evading attacks. The danger of this spell is that your health will fade the longer you hold onto the magic. Many have died from pushing their limits too far.
Prerequisite: 10th Circle.
Gift of Life (gol): The Gift of Life spell improves your ability to form and maintain empathic links, but also tends to make you slightly more resilient. Neither the improved linking ability nor the mildly increased stamina will take effect if you have lost your sensitivity by harming others, however. (i.e., if you have shock, this spell is useless for you. This does not appear to be true with shock scars.)
Prerequisite: Raise Power.
Lethargy (leth): The Lethargy spell, if cast successfully, drains the target's fatigue over time. The spell then keeps the target's fatigue at the reduced level until the spell expires. Note that this spell is not effective against the undead, and may anger them further.
Prerequisites: Raise Power, 20th circle.
Raise Power (rp): The Raise Power spell temporarily increases the amount of Life mana at your location. In the process, it completely drains you and your group of fatigue, though the more people that are in your circle, the higher the increase. The extra mana gradually drains away, since no magic is capable of altering the mana streams for very long.
Prerequisite: Refresh.
Refresh: The Refresh spell temporarily increases the rate at which your fatigue is recovered, and may gradually increase it beyond its normal limits. Though it can be cast on others, it will not be as effective as casting it on yourself.
Prerequisite: 6th circle.
Sprout: The Sprout spell has two uses. When cast on oneself, the spell aids the caster in foraging for healing herbs. When cast on a healing herb, the spell will boost the potency of the herb.
Prerequisite: Refresh.


Guardian Spirit (gs): The Guardian Spirit spell summons a protective spirit of the land or a flighty warrior of the Fae to keep you safe from hostility. No matter what arrives, they are all quite particular and peculiar creatures, though a person with stronger charisma will draw a more capable entity. When your protector arrives, it will follow you no matter where you may go. The more mana the initial spell has, the longer it will remain with you.
Prerequisite: Innocence.
Innocence: The Innocence spell demonstrates that you are not a threat, causing opponents to turn away from advancing upon you and face another. Undead creatures, on the other hand, may be enraged by the spell and attack with redoubled ferocity.
Prerequisite: Sphere of Protection.
Note: This works much the same as the ability Manipulation.) Sphere of Protection (sop): The Sphere of Protection spell increases the defensive ability of the person it protects, particularly toward offensive spells from the Life realm. At higher levels of skill, you will notice that this spell extends itself to all in your group, allowing you the ability to cover an entire zone of people.
Prerequisite: 5th circle.

Mental Preparation

Aggressive Stance: Supernatural Empathy opens the door to many wonders, but it exacts a well known price. Though Empaths are free to think and worship as they wish, developing the Empathic talent requires a carefully maintained innocence of the body. This not only restricts the Empath's ability to harm others, but also hinders his ability to train his body to react properly in the face of violence.
Aggressive Stance circumvents this limitation. By creating a magical connection to other living creatures in a potentially violent situation, the Empath can prime his body to assume the physiological responses of someone who has lived his entire life with violent potential. This effectively increases the Empath's ability to avoid blows... and land them, if it becomes necessary.
Due to how the spell functions, it can only work if there is a possibility of violence when you cast it. Truly serene areas, as well as some mental compulsions, can inhibit the spell.
Prerequisite: Heart Link.
Awaken: This spell will attempt to awaken any living thing which is unconscious, and may also free the mind from other stuporous confines. A self-cast Awaken spell pattern will settle over the Empath quiescently, rousing to activity when his mental equilibrium is disrupted.
Prerequisite: Refresh.
Heart Link (hl): The Heart Link spell establishes a connection between your heartbeat and that of your patient. You can use this link to slow down the rate their heart beats, and how fast they bleed.
Prerequisite: Blood Staunching.
Nissa's Binding (nb): The Nissa's Binding spell is the only legacy the Empath Guild has of Lanival's companion. When cast, it is guaranteed to put anyone she has a Heart Link with to sleep if they are not standing, but it can be fought off otherwise. The Empath will also fall asleep when this spell is cast, but it is said that the most magically skilled Empaths can resist this, remaining awake and alert.
All bleeding, poison, and disease in the bodies of those under the spell will be slowed significantly. Many Empaths have found that their patients also gradually regain strength while asleep. Still, be careful that those you cast this spell upon do not bleed to death while asleep.
Prerequisites: Heart Link, 15th circle.
Tranquility: Refining the theories of Mental Preparation, an Empath achieves such adroit control over his mental and bodily resilience that he may adapt favorably in the face of magical attacks which directly affect the mind or the body. The Tranquility spell will allow the mind of its caster to defend his body as well as preserve itself by drawing inward when necessary.
Prerequisites: Awaken, Innocence.

Spell Matrix

Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Heal 15 No No No
Heal Scars 7 No No No
Heal Wounds 1 No No No
Regenerate None None No No Yes
Vitality Healing 1 No No No

Body Purification
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Blood Staunching 1 No No No
Cure Disease 12 No No No
Flush Poisons 10 No No No

Life Force Manipulation
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Aesandry Darlaeth 10 No No
Gift of Life 6 No No No
Lethargy 6 No No No
Raise Power 6 No No No
Refresh 1 No No No
Sprout 5 No No No

Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Guardian Spirit 8 No No
Innocence 5 No No No
Sphere of Innocence 5 No No No

Mental Preparation
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Agressive Stance
Awaken 4
Heart Link 1 No No
Nissa's Binding 10 No No
Tranquility 14

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