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Healing Notes


When healing, watch out for bleeding, vitality loss, disease, poison, and scars. Excessive bleeding and/or vitality loss will kill you, so heal, tend or cast Blood Staunching as soon as possible.


Disease should be monitored and/or healed to prevent it from worsening and potentially killing you. Fleshrot creates new wounds as your flesh peels off. Gangrene worsens existing wounds, even ones you cannot see, such as minor internal wounds, as well as creating wounds from scars.


Poison creates internal wounds, including nerve damage. Heal the poison first and then the wounds to prevent the poison from worsening the wounds you have already received.


Scarring on certain parts of your body will kill you if you overheal. The scars watch out for will be on your back, abdomen, chest, neck, and head. Scars on your limbs, hands, eyes, nerves, and skin are not deadly.

If you are on the verge of overhealing to the point of your own death, you may receive a warning that reads either:

"You fall to your knees and swoon from the incredible pain burning through your" whichever body part you're healing or, if you are already sitting or kneeling, "You swoon from the incredible pain burning through your" body part.

Diagnosing Wounds

When you touch someone, you will see all the wounds of that person.
However, with enough skill in empathy, you are able to separate out wounds by typing touch <person> <severity>. You will see only wounds equal or worse than the specified level.
Typing touch in game will give you this list of wound severities:

minor, harmful, damaging, wound or wound severity, severe, devastating, useless, bleeding or bleeding severity.

If your empathy skill is too low for the severity you are attempting to see, you will get this message:

"As you try to separate out the different types of wounds, you feel you are not yet experienced enough to make such a finite judgement."

Note: A fellow Empath with 96 empathy was not able to separate out minor wounds yet. With roughly 145 empathy, I was able to separate out only minor and harmful wounds. At 185 ranks of empathy, I was able to diagnose damaging as well.

Controlling Empathy

Normally, when you heal someone, it is by typing take (or transfer) <person> <body part>. This begins transferring the entire wound to you.

Empaths can control healing by adding part, half or most. We can further control it by adding quick or careful.
In other words, you might type take <person> <wound> part careful.

You can also control transfers of shock, poison, and disease with the following commands.

For poison and disease: take <person> <careful/quick> <body part> <poison/disease>.

For shock: take <person> shock.

This ability takes high empathy skill to perform reliably. If you fail, your concentration will fall significantly.

Some of the messaging you may see will be the following:

You struggle to establish a controlled transfer, but fail to establish a link at all.
You struggle to establish a controlled transfer, but slip and start transferring the full injury.
You struggle to establish a controlled transfer, but slip and get a wild transfer!

Note: An average 30th Empath will not be able to control this ability.

Anoushka Solovsky