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Power Perception Levels

Power perception is an often overlooked but extremely essential part of magic. The more power perception skill you have, the more mana you'll see and thus the more you'll be able to cast. Around 100 ranks, you'll start to draw mana from surrounding areas greatly increasing the mana you'll have available to you to cast.

Mana Levels and Ranges
Weak Senses Developing Senses Improving Senses Normal Senses
dim faint faint faint
dim faint faint/hazy dim
dim faint/muted hazy hazy
dim/glowing muted hazy/flickering dull
glowing muted/glowing flickering muted
glowing glowing flickering/shimmering dusky
glowing/bright glowing/luminous shimmering pale
bright luminous shimmering/glowing flickering
bright luminous/bright glowing/lambent shimmering
bright bright lambent pulsating
bright bright lambent/shining glowing
bright bright shining lambent
bright bright shining/fulgent shining
bright bright fulgent luminous
bright bright fulgent/glaring radiant
bright bright glaring fulgent
bright bright glaring brilliant
bright bright glaring flaring
bright bright glaring glaring
bright bright glaring blazing
bright bright glaring blinding

Power Perception Roundtimes
Number of Ranks Seconds
0-59 8-12
60-119 7-11
120-179 6-10
180-239 5-9
240-299 4-8
300-359 3-7
360-419 3-6
420-479 3-5
480-539 3-4
540+ 3

We thank Hanryu and Sortik and anyone else who posted info on Power Perception ranks in the General Discussions - Warrior Mages forum folder.