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Scrolls are magical items that let you temporarily memorize a spell by invoking it. Invoking a spell will use up the scroll upon which it is written. The spell will remain memorized as long as you maintain enough harness and do not die.

The type of scroll, as well as the spell upon it, affects the difficulty in deciphering it. Most scrolls require at least 100 ranks of Scholarship to be identified, let alone read. Some may take over 200 ranks of Scholarship.

If a spell belongs to your guild, it can be permanently learned off of a scroll by being studied. You must have an empty spell slot and enough TDPs for the particular spell in order to permanently learn it in this manner. You will lose the above-mentioned tdps as well as the scroll.
Note: It is possible you may lose the scroll and fail to learn the spell if you do not have enough TDPs.

Spell slots can be purchased in Throne City for TDPs (usually 65 or 125).

Scroll Types

Sold at Kalazashi's House of Majik on Ratha Critter drops