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Analogous Patterns

The spells in the Analogous Patterns Spellbook can be learned and used by any magic-using guild.
There are only three currently, one of which is now a scroll spell.
Notes: Energy Bolt and Strange Arrow are both offensive targeted spells that will cause shock to Empaths.


Ease Burden (ease): The Ease Burden spell does precisely what the name implies. Through the careful weaving of energy, the caster is able to ease the effects of burden on the recipient of the spell.
Energy Bolt (eb): Energy Bolt is noteworthy as the most simple Targeted Magic spell pattern that can be constructed using the magical laws of the Plane of Abiding. While it bears some of the structural characteristics of Fire Shard, Hand of Tenemlor, and Telekinetic Throw, the pattern has been distilled down to its fundamental parts. This tinkering has made the spell one of the Analogous Patterns, truly compatible across all frequencies of mana.
Due to its simplicity, Energy Bolt does not have a single, consistent manifestation. Instead, the form of energy that the spell conjures up is based on which type of mana the magician uses to power the spell.
Strange Arrow (stra): The Strange Arrow forms a cloud of crackling yellow energy which can be directed at a foe. The only close guess as to why it was named this way is that the cloud shoots out at its target like an arrow fired from an especially confused archer. Despite its strange projectile arc, the spell suffers no loss of accuracy, and those impacted by it suffer an odd combination of up to dozens of puncture wounds exacerbated with electrical shock. It is hard to accurately describe how the victim is wounded, as the magic takes a whimsical delight in surprising both caster and victim.
Prerequisites: Energy Bolt.