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Cambrinth Overview

Cambrinth is a metal substance that has the property to store mana for a limited time. The amount of mana that any given cambrinth item can hold is usually based on its type. For instance, a ring will hold a little mana while an orb made out of cambrinth will hold a large amount.
Cambrinth can only be used for one type of mana. So if you are a Ranger or an Empath and wish to use a cambrinth ring you can only use one that is uncharged or previously charged with Life mana. Warrior Mages and Bards must use Elementally charged cambrinth while a Moon Mage must use Lunar charged cambrinth. Paladins and Clerics both use Holy charged cambrinth.
To start using Cambrinth, you must first find some. The local artificers in Haven, Shard, and Ratha all sell various pieces of cambrinth. Players will also sell cambrinth so if you're looking for something fancy or rare, you should check the markets scattered across Elanthia. If you buy it from a player, you should always focus on the cambrinth to make sure it is attuned to the type of mana you use just to be on the safe side.
When you get your cambrinth you must CHARGE <item> <amount of mana> This will try to fill the cambrinth item with the amount of mana you chose. Early on, 1-5 is a good amount to choose as you will not have much mana available to you. Depending on your skill with arcana you will be able to force all, most, half or some of the mana into the item. When you fill the item to its maximum capacity, you'll get a message saying that the item is already holding as much power as you could possibly charge it with and the extra mana you harnessed for it will dissipate.
After you charge the cambrinth item as full as you want, you must FOCUS <item>. You can either fail to connect with the item (You reach for its center, attempting to forge a magical link, but fail.) or succeed (You reach for its center and forge a magical link to it, readying it for your use.) After you forge your link to the cambrinth item you can then prepare and cast your spell as normal. With a *snap* the mana you stored will be discharged to power the spell.
Some common cambrinth items are orbs, earrings, pendants, armbands, tailbands, and rings.

Type Max Mana Where to buy
Orb / Globe 110 Artificer in Haven. Fests/Merchants.
Tailband 32
Armband 32 Artificer in Spine. Fests/Merchants
Anklet 32 Fest/Merchats
Bracer 32 Fest/Merchants
Animals (dragons, wolves, etc) 32 Various fests and merchants
Pendant 6 Various fests and merchants
Rings 4 Artificer in Shard
Hairpin 4