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Warrior Mage Cantrips


When you know two or more spells of an element, you can learn elemental cantrips from Guild leaders by asking about cantrips. You prepare a cantrip by typing prep cantrip <name>. To cast this, you gesture at yourself, another player, or an object. (You must put your character's name rather than "me" or "myself.")

Cantrip Descriptions
Name Description Effects and Examples
Aether Spheres This cantrip allows you to juggle spheres of light if cast upon yourself. Yourself: You gesture, and several spheres of ruby light appear in your hands.
You toss a couple of your spheres into the air in an attempt to juggle them.

Someone else: You gesture at Olwydd and a few very faint spheres form around his head, hovering briefly before winking out.
Aethereal Image Produces entertaining images. Wavering slightly, the aethereal image breaks apart into thousands of sparkling silver-blue motes. After scattering through the air, they quickly re-form into the image of a large building perched atop a tall mountain.

The aethereal image silently implodes, releasing a shower of silver-blue sparks that slowly fade into nothingness.
Air Blast Dries the target off. You gesture, and a strong warm breeze swirls around you.
Burning Touch Lights an object, as with flint. You touch a branch with a glowing finger, and it quickly catches fire.

(It can be used to burn off your beard. Put up an ethereal shield first!)
Crystallize Ice Freezes items. You gesture at a water ball. Flecks of ice form inside the ball, growing outward until the water has crystallized entirely into an icy snowball.

(Also increases the length of time an object, such as a frost scythe, remains frozen.)
Electric Charge Produces an electric shock. Yourself: You gesture, and feel a quick pulse of electricity run through you!

Someone else: You gesture at Madelaine, who jumps in surprise as the electric charge passes through her.

Object: You gesture at some bundling rope, giving it a weak electrical charge.
As you reach for some bundling rope, a weak charge courses through your hand, numbing your fingers!? You jerk your hand back, then cautiously reach for it again.
(Metal Objects pick up more charge.)
Flashpoint Burns away an item. With solid objects: You focus the cantrip's pattern on the branch in your hand, and are soon rewarded with a bright flash of fire! The branch is consumed entirely by the small conflagration, leaving a few flakes of grey ash drifting from your fingertips.

With liquid objects: The snowball is consumed entirely by the small conflagration, leaving a few wisps of scalding steam drifting from your fingertips.
Pattern Hues Creates a colorful aura which affects some spells. You trace the complex sigils of the Pattern Hues cantrip around yourself.
The air around you becomes suffused with a scintillating sunfire gold glow.
Reinforce Stone Hardens stone. You gesture at the tiny stone fist, and it glows briefly. Focusing your cantrip on the fist, you examine its magical pattern and attempt to reinforce the elemental structure where it is crumbling. After your manipulations, you sense that the magical decay of the fist should be halted for some time.
Stone Seat Provide a comfy(?) chair made of stone You gesture, and a smooth eruption of rock rises from the ground with a low rumble, shifting and flowing fluidly before settling into a seat of stone. You walk over to it and sit down.

For another: You gesture, and a smooth eruption of rock rises from the ground with a low rumble, shifting and flowing fluidly before settling into a seat of stone. You gesture for Olwydd to have a seat.

Olwydd settles onto the stone seat with a satisfied sigh.

Water Globe Annoy people with a snowball! Winter: Snowball always forms in caster's hand.
Thrown at self:
You throw the icy snowball up into the air....
...and skillfully catch it in your mouth!
The snow melts in your mouth, providing a cold drink.

Thrown at other: You huck your icy snowball at Olwydd!
An icy snowball falls to the ground with a plop, and quickly melts.

Other seasons, it produces a throwable water globe.
Will O Wisp Produces an entertainingly mischievous energy orb The core of the sparking gold sphere glows with a brilliant white light as it emits a faint hum.

The sparking gold sphere floats toward Veela, who edges away from the sparking sphere.

The sparking gold sphere floats over to Veela and hovers just above her head.

(This can stun briefly when it attacks people.)