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Familiar Performs and Oddities



Sinah snickers and makes a gesture towards the tropical bat. Suddenly it takes to the air circling until it spots you and without warning begins to swoop at your head causing you to duck the flying bat over and over! After awhile it tires and resumes what it was doing before.

Talonkarde begins clapping a rhythm and nods to his lean bear. It rears up on its hind legs and begins to dance around the area, growling in time with Talonkarde's clapping. It begins to approach Talonkarde with the obvious intent of making him its partner. Seeing this, Talonkarde stops clapping and his bear ends the dance with as much grace as a bear can muster.

Your cat doesn't seem to care to perform any tricks.
Others see: A cat looks lazily at Dyanara and yawns.

Dyanara points to the sky. The russet crow appears to nod at Dyanara then launches itself into the sky. As you peer up, the crow is only a tiny spot then suddenly it vanishes. Dyanara smiles to herself and utters a few arcane words. In a puff of smoke, the crow suddenly appears and caws proudly while stretching its wings.

Dyanara glances over at her russet falcon and nods. The falcon launches itself into the air and flies off. Moments later you hear a high-pitched squeal coming from that direction, and the falcon returns and lands beside Dyanara, holding a bloody scrap of striped fur in its talons.

Vernais winks at a tan gerbil and it quickly scrambles up her leg. It continues up her arm until it reaches her shoulder. It then jumps fearlessly and lands with a small tumble. Surprisingly, it seems to have not been hurt at all.

Sinah looks directly at her red-throated goose and snaps her fingers. The goose stretches its long neck out and loops its head around and under, tying itself into a loose knot. Sinah snaps her fingers again and the goose tries several times to untangle itself before giving up and honking plaintively at Sinah. Sinah stifles a laugh as she guides its head back out of the knot.

Vernais snaps her fingers and the tan guinea-pig gathers itself into a ball and rolls around for a moment or two. It then uncurls itself and resumes whatever it was doing.

Talonkarde inhales nervously and nods at his spotted leopard. The leopard assumes a relaxed stance, and you notice its spots begin to blur and move to mimic the background. Soon it fades completely from sight. Suddenly, you hear a roar and see a blur flashing toward Talonkarde and you see him get knocked flat on his back. You recognize the leopard standing on Talonkarde's chest, the needle tips of its claws making just the slightest indentations in his flesh.

Vernais points her finger at a nearby bug and the pearl-white lizard focuses on it. It sticks its tongue out as far as it will go then curls the end of it in the form of a loop. With some flair, the pearl-white lizard catches the unsuspecting bug in the loop and greedily eats its catch.

Talonkarde reaches down to scratch his lean lynx behind its ears. It purrs, then begins slinking around between his legs and pushing its head at his hand to get him to pet it some more. Finally, it takes a more direct route and stands up on its hind legs, putting its front paws on Talonkarde's chest and staring up into his face in a demand for more attention.

Talonkarde whistles at his owl. The owl smoothly swivels its head around to face him and winks at him with seemingly all-knowing eyes.

Talonkarde grins mischievously and nods at his black panther. The panther prowls off silently. Moments later you hear a bloodcurdling howl and a feral feline whine that is suddenly cut off. The panther slinks back into the area and sits beside Talonkarde, a basso purr rumbling from its throat as it licks shreds of grey fur from its fangs.

Sinah signals to her chubby piglet. The piglet sniffs at the ground in the area, and after finding a suitable spot begins to dig at the earth with its snout. Moments later, it squeals in delight and you see it balancing a freshly unearthed truffle on the end of its nose. Sinah gives her piglet an indulgent nod and it flips the truffle into its mouth, chewing happily.

Sinah whispers into one of the fuzzy rabbit's ears and it immediately begins to tap its foot. After a moment or two the tapping begins to increase. Harder and harder then faster and faster until the drone is enough to make you want to hold your hands over your ears! Thankfully it stops after some time but your ears are still ringing.

Sinah snaps her fingers and a chubby rat begins to nibble on Vernais's feet. As she tries to swat it away, it scrambles behind Sinah and begins to make a sound, not unlike snickering.

Sinah signals to her dusky raven to hop up onto her outstretched arm and climb up to her shoulder. Sinah whispers to her raven and is rewarded with a bemused stare from the raven and a loud squawk of "You want me to do that trick? I told you...never again!" The raven hops down from her shoulder and begins cackling uproariously.

Talonkarde winks at his lean squirrel. The squirrel scampers up his leg and onto the top of his head. It sketches a tiny salute and leaps out into the air. It zooms around the area, twisting and turning with the aid of its bushy tail. Finally, it takes one daring swoop between Talonkarde's legs and lands beside him, bowing smugly.

Vernais nods at her turtle and it tucks its head inside its shell. After a moment or two, it sticks its head out the other end of the shell and then returns inside. Another pause goes by and its head reappears out the correct hole in the shell.


A lean bear stands up on its hind legs and begins pawing at its neck. Carefully removing its skin like an overcoat, a hazy bipedal shape emerges from inside the bear skin. Neatly tucking the skin under one appendage, the blurry shape flickers out of sight.

Thanks to Janora, Vernais, Dyanara, and Talonkarde for their help.