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Warrior Mage Manipulative Resolve

Manipulative Resolve

The possible output strings from PATH SENSE are here, listed in order from 100% attunement to empty:

  • Your mind feels completely refreshed, full of the resolve and nimbleness necessary for the manipulation of your surroundings.
  • Your mind is undistracted and ready to focus strongly on the challenges of manipulating elemental forces. Your mind is a potent well of force for manipulating the elements around you.
  • You feel that you still possess most of your capacity to manipulate elemental forces.
  • Though the effort of manipulation has worn down your focus somewhat, your mind still possesses the strength to go on.
  • You sense that your capacity for manipulating the elements is roughly halfway spent.
  • Your mind is clouded by the prolonged burden of manipulating elemental forces, which has taxed its endurance.
  • Your abilities of manipulation are still strong, but your mind could nonetheless benefit from some rest.
  • Your elemental manipulations have left your mind tired, feeling easily distracted and in need of rest.
  • The burden of directly manipulating the elements has left your mind greatly clouded and unable to focus on such manipulations for long.
  • Your mind has nearly completely exhausted its control over elemental currents in the area.
  • Unable to hold up under the terrible strain any longer, your mind lets the complex web of manipulations collapse, allowing the aether to fall back into its natural channels.*
* When your resolve is completely depleted while focusing on a path, you will get the above message and your pathway will end:

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