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Warrior Mage Spells

Aether Manipulation

Aether Cloak (AC): The Aether Cloak spell renders the caster difficult to locate magically, and tends to weaken targeted magic spells. It lasts as long as you hold the mana for it, which means if you cast another spell, your cloak will fall.
Prerequisites: Ethereal Shield.
Aether Lance (AEL): The Aether Lance spell creates a beam of ethereal energy and sends hurtling at your target! Damage tends to be puncture, and depends on your skill with targeting as well as how close you are to your foe. This spell also has a tendency to cause slightly more damage to the shield and armor of your opponent.
Aether Lash (ALA): The Aether Lash spell is quite nasty indeed. It forms an invisible but quite deadly whip of ethereal energy that is likely to sever limbs...or heads, as the case may be.
Prerequisites: 25th circle, Arther Lance, Ethereal Shield.
Ethereal Fissue: For generations, the Ethereal Fissure spell was considered lost and forgotten. The recent discovery of an ancient scroll by two mages, Vortressa and Blacklark, has returned the spell to common knowledge at last. Once again, Warrior Mages can open a rift to the very fabric of our Plane of Abiding and augment the local mana streams with raw power from one of the Elemental Planes.
Prerequisites: Aether Lash and Aether Cloak.
Ethereal Shield (ES): The Ethereal Shield spell offers some protection from elemental attacks, as well as giving you a minor defensive advantage in battle. At higher levels of skill, you can extend the shield to cover all members of your group.
Prerequisite: 2nd circle.

Air Manipulation

Air Bubble (AB): The Air Bubble spell forms its namesake around the target's head, allowing him to breathe underwater for several minutes. It is far too weak to provide protection against most forms of poison gas, but is a necessity for underwater exploration or combat.
Prerequisite: 10th Circle.
Paeldryth's Wrath (PW): The Paeldryth's Wrath spell channels the unseen currents of air and wind into a ferocious blast of force to overwhelm opponents. It does some impact damage, but its main purpose is to stagger your enemy back away from you or others. This spell is not targeted, but relies heavily on your skill at targeting.
Some mages believe that the spirit of Paeldryth watches those who use his spell and will aid those in dire straits. Others disagree, vehemently arguing that inconsistencies in the spell's pattern cause an occasional aberation in the cast. In any case, and in rare circumstances, the spell has a bizarre area effect, but it would be unwise to ever rely on this intriguing quirk of Paeldryth's Wrath.
Shockwave (SHO): The Shockwave spell uses the winds of Elanthia summoned by the spell Swirling Winds, boosts their strength, then pushes them outward in a ring of force.
Prerequisites: 30 circle, Swirling Winds.
Swirling Winds (SW): The Swirling Winds spell summons the winds of Elanthia to surround you, increasing your ability to evade and parry attacks.
Prerequisite: Zephyr.
Tailwind (TW): The Tailwind spell shifts the winds to the target's favor, increasing his accuracy with a bow or throw weapon while decreasing the accuracy of other people or creatures in the area.
If cast when at the surface of deep water, the Tailwind spell can not form fully and will not aid ranged weaponry. Instead, the winds can only gain enough power to create a pocket of air around the caster's head, but this can prove useful below the waves. You'll need to be near the surface of the water for this to work.
Prerequisite: Zephyr.
Thunderclap (TC): The Thunderclap spell creates an overwhelming burst of magical sound in the area. This will stun those around you, and possibly yourself, depending on the power you use. Afterward, the spell unavoidably lingers for a short time, preventing rapid casts.
Casting this inside a town will cause problems with the local authorities.
Prerequisite: Swirling Winds.
Vertigo: The Vertigo spell is an entertaining use of elemental magic. The caster causes the air pressure around a victim's head to change and fluctuate, making the target feel weak in the stomach and unsettled. Research has also revealed this spell can have a useful but less pronounced effect on all foes engaged at close range with the caster, provided a single target is not selected. Vertigo has no effect on undead or creatures that do not breathe air.
Prerequisites: 10th circle, Swirling Winds.
Y'ntrel Sechra (YS): The Y'ntrel Sechra spell, developed by S'Kra wind mages, creates a cushion of air between your body and the armor you are wearing. This cushion of air will flow with your movements, supporting the armor and allowing you to move more freely. The more power you use with this spell, the better the armor will flow with your movements, and the longer it will last.
Prerequisites: 20th circle, Swirling Winds.
Zephyr: The Zephyr spell raises a light refreshing breeze which helps improve fatigue recovery for all in the area. With enough power, it will also clear away some types of gas, poison, and ash clouds.
Prerequisite: 2nd circle.

Earth Manipulation

Aegis of Granite (AEG): Discovered in an ancient cave by Dwarven Warrior Mages, the Aegis of Granite spell offers two possible effects. First, casting the spell on a shield will imbue it with Earth elemental magic, causing it to become sturdier and more protective at the cost of increasing its weight and hindrance. The second function of this spell becomes apparent when cast without holding a shield. A shield of granite will be created in the caster's hand or on the arm, providing a solid defense against attacks while also increasing the caster's ability to block attacks. A shield affected by this spell will graually repair itself, though it cannot repair damage done before the spell was cast. The spell ends when the caster relinquishes control of the shield.
Prerequisites: 20 circle, Earth Sense, Fist of Stone.
Earth Sense (EAS): The Earth Sense spell links the caster to the earth below, useful for revealing what may lie hidden from normal sight. Rocks and mud are not as clear as water, so the information provided may be misinterpreted. The skilled mage will find Earth Sense a boon however.
Prerequisites: 10th circle, Sure Footing.
Fist of Stone (FOS): The Fist of Stone spell causes a varying sized stone to separate from the ground beneath you and hurtle towards your opponent. This spell can cause great impact damage, depending on the power used and the accuracy of the attack.
Magnetic Ballista (MAB): Magnetic Ballista allows you to shape the surrounding earth, rock, and mud into a potent siege engine known as a ballista. It uses a powerful natural force known as 'magnetism,' much like a giant lodestone. Be careful when it fires, for this force has a remarkable affect on metal armors and could pull small individuals to the ground! Luckily, a talented mage can reshape the ballista, rubbing it into a different shape that will not generate such a large area effect.
The first shot the ballista takes is automatic, and not so much targeted as it is hurled. As long as the caster continually maintains the ballista by keeping it loaded, it can linger for quite some time. These secondary attacks by the Magnetic Ballista are targeted magic, and lack the raw force of the initial shot.
Prerequisites: 20th circle, Fist of Stone, Static Discharge.
Ring of Spears (ROS): Ring of Spears is primarily a defensive spell, but with enough magical acumen and careful timing it can also be cast to devastating effect. When you so evoke the power of Earth, a ring of sharp spikes, resembling spears wrought of rock, rises from the ground around you, fending off surrounding foes and injuring those not lithe enough to escape. A skillful mage can also employ this spell to aid his or her allies.
Prerequisites: 20th circle, Tremor, Fist of Stone.
Stone Strike: The Stone Strike spell sends multiple stone shards down towards a target. It is a useful way to provide you with some time to get out of danger, or bring more of your wrath down to assail your foe!
Prerequisites: 10th circle and Fist of Stone.
Sure Footing (SUF): The Sure Footing spell steadies the ground and soil beneath one's feet, resulting in improved balance in combat for a while and slightly improving one's climbing abilities.
Prerequisite: 2nd circle.
Tremor: The Tremor spell shakes the very ground, knocking over anyone without the reflexes to remain on their feet. It may only be used outside, as the consequences of unleashing seismic forces inside a building or cave would be very unfortunate. With higher levels of skill, the caster can choose to strike just a particular target.
Prerequisites: Sure Footing.

Electricity Manipulation

Arc Light (AL): The Arc Light spell uses small amounts of raw electrical energy to produce a blinding flash of light which throws the target off balance. Though non-lethal, use caution since it's possible to ignite naphtha with the flashes.
Prerequisite: 2nd circle.
Ball Lightning (BALL): The Warrior Mage Guild has a number of oddities in its magical arsenal and the Ball Lightning spell is a prime example. This spell will create a crackling ball of lightning that strikes soon after forming. Though it relies on targeted magic skill, it can not be targeted nor forced in any way to pick a specific target. All shots it takes tend to be... random. Some mages claim that the ball lightning is semi-sentient, choosing its own targets based on whims that we can never comprehend. It is certainly curious that it will never attempt to strike other adventurers.
In any case, an existing Ball Lightning can be reinforced with additional casts, and, if the caster has enough magic devices skill, it can be pointed towards an adjoining area and then pushed there to do as it will. Alternately, one can command the lightning to a direction.
Prerequisite: Lightning Bolt.
Chain Lightning (CL): The Chain Lightning spell unleashes blasts of lightning randomly on targets in the area. Those protected by a discharged Ethereal Shield will not be struck.
Prerequisites: 40th circle, Lightning Bolt.
Gar Zeng (GZ): You'll need a free hand to be able to cast the Gar Zeng spell -- a close-range electrical attack. Several arcs of electric are emitted in rapid succession, making it fairly easy to hit your target somewhere while tending to unbalancing the target a bit, but Gar Zeng can not be aimed at a specific body part and doesn't do serious damage. Avoid casting this spell in water.
Lightning Bolt (LB): Not surprisingly, the Lightning Bolt spell fires a bolt of lightning at the target, inflicting great electrical and heat damage. However, it requires high amounts of energy, and can be fatal to the caster if used in watery areas.
Prerequisites: 25th circle, Tingle, Gar Zeng.
Static Discharge (SD): The Static Discharge spell discharges the static electricity which builds upon on the outer surface of an Ethereal Shield, jolting everything and everyone close to you. It can be cast on other people's Ethereal Shields to protect them as well and uses very little mana, but only works once for each time you create or extend your shield.
Prerequisites: Ethereal Shield, Arc Light.
Tingle: The Tingle spell sends very minor electrical current through the hands of the target, causing a strange tingling sensation to interfere with fine motor control. This spell is a non-violent deterrent to pickpockets and will cause people or creatures to drop what they are holding.
Prerequisites: 8th circle, Arc Light.

Fire Manipulation

Dragon's Breath (DB): Dragon's Breath is aptly named, as it gives you the fearsome breath of a mythical flame-belching dragon! Once cast, the power of elemental fire will well up inside you for a duration, allowing you to spit or exhale at a target. The blasts rely on your skill at targeting, but do not interfere with other sorts of spellcasting.
Prerequisites: Fire Ball, 5th Circle.
Fire Ball (FB): The Fire Ball spell launches a ball of fire at a target which explodes on impact. If fed with great amounts of power, it can be devastating.
Prerequisite: Fire Shard.
Fire Rain (FR): Fire Rain is one of the most impressively powerful spells of destruction in the Warrior Mage's repertoire. It creates a burning cloud of ash which will rain down blazing balls of flame over an entire area. Though the cloud forms above everyone's heads, a very potent Zephyr can rid the area of the stormy conflagration. Additionally, the caster can end it prematurely by gesturing at it and unraveling its magical make-up.
Prerequisites: 40th circle, Dragon's Breath.
Note: This spell should not be cast with others in range.
Fire Shard (FS): The Fire Shard spell conjures a fist-sized shard of elemental fire and hurls it at its target. The intensity of the damage varies with the amount of power invested in the spell. With enough skill and power, multiple shards will be produced.
Mantle of Flame (MOF): The Mantle of Flame spell will set parts of your Ethereal Shield alight in a blaze of fire, helping to protect you from water-based spells and allowing you to see in darkned areas. Since the flames are so hot, it lends extra damage to brawling attacks and makes it harder for robbers to target your pockets. The main drawback to the Mantle of Flame spell is that you will be unable to hide while it is in effect.
Prerequisites: Fire Ball, Ethereal Shield.
Note: Do not cast without first casting Ethereal Shield.
Mark of Arhat (MOA): The Mark of Arhat spell is named for the founder of the first guild, Warrior Mages. Arhat was to fire magic as a mother is to child. One of his favorite spells was one of his own devising. He never named the spell and when it was found at the time of his death, the spell was named in Arhat's honor. Mark of Arhat is a form of targeted spell that does not deal damage upon impact, but afterwards as the mage harnesses mana for it.
Prerequisites: 40th circle, Dragon's Breath.

Water Manipulation

Fortress of Ice (FOI): The Fortress of Ice spell creates a tall ring of impenetrable ice walls which isolate the caster and those closest to him. Though the walls cannot be scaled from outside, footholds on the inside allow escape.
Prerequisites: 30th circle, Veil of Ice.
Frost Scythe (FRS): The Frost Scythe spell creates a frozen blade of ice that sweeps toward the target. Effectiveness will depend highly upon your magical abilities and accuracy, but Frost Scythes are known for their capacity at dealing slice and cold damage.
Frostbite (FRB): The Frostbite spell quickly and drastically lowers the temperature in the area, causing its victims to suffer from severe fatigue and frostbite. Ethereal Shield will protect the caster and helps minimize the effects on anyone else, but only Mantle of Flame will ensure complete safety. You should note that Frostbite is easier to use with extra mana during the winter, though by the same token, it is harder during the summer.
Prerequisites: 2nd circle.
Note: This spell should not be cast with others in range.
Ice Patch (IP): The Ice Patch spell will create a treacherous sheet of ice beneath its victim, causing it to lose its balance and possibly fall and sustain injury. Those with multiple legs are considerably harder to affect, and those who are immune to the cold will be too well suited to navigating frozen ground to fall.
Prerequisites: Frostbite.
Rising Mists (RM): The Rising Mists spell creates a dense fog that will hinder ranged combat while making it easier to hide. It takes a few seconds to thicken, but when it does it will also snuff out a number of fire-based spells. The water droplets freeze quickly, too, making spells like Frostbite more potent.
Prerequisites: 2nd circle.
Veil of Ice (VOI): The Veil of Ice spell interferes with targeted magic in ways that aren't truly understood. Many believe the spell, through the act of maintaining its frosty shape, works at odds with the matrices needed for targeted magic. In any case, the spell is safe, and is fairly effective. It will cause the next targeted attack cast at or by the subject to fail.
Prerequisites: Ethereal Shield, Ice Patch.

Spell Matrix
Air Manipulation
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Paeldryth's Wrath (PW) 1 35 No No
Zephyr 5 50 No No No
Swirling Winds (SW) 5 65 No No No
Tailwind (TW) 8 70 No No
Thunderclap (TC) 1 51 No No
Vertigo 5 57 No No
Y'ntrel Sechra (YS) 11 61 No No
Shockwave 10 No No

Fire Manipulation
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Fire Shard (FS) 1 30 Yes No
Fire Ball (FB) 7 Yes No
Dragon's Breath (DB) 11 No No
Mantle of Flame (MOF) 5 40 No No
Fire Rain (FR) 28 58 Yes No

Water Manipulation
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Frost Scythe (FRS) 1 Yes No No
Frostbite (FRB) 6 No No
Rising Mists (RM) 7 65 No No
Ice Patch (IP) 6 61 No No
Veil of Ice (VOI) 7 70 No No
Fortress of Ice (FOI) 25 70 No No

Earth Manipulation
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Fist of Stone (FOS) 3 35 Yes No
Earth Sense (EAS) 6 61 No No
Ring of Spears (ROS) 12 57 No No
Magnetic Ballista (MAB) 8 60 No No
Tremor 8 63 No No
Sure Footing (SUF) 6 61 No No

Aether Manipulation
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Ethereal Shield (ES) 1 69 No No
Aether Cloak (AC) No No
Aether Lash (ALA) 14 Yes No
Aether Lance (AEL) 2 30 Yes No No
Ethereal Fissue No No

Electricity Manipulation
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Arc Light (AL) 1 61 No No
Tingle 10 70 No No
Static Discharge (SD) 4 60 No No
Lightning Bolt (LB) 10 Yes No
Chain Lightning (CL) 10 35 Yes No
Gar Zeng (GZ) 4 34 Yes No No
Ball Lightning (BALL) No No