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Call From Beyond (CFB): The most elemental form of creating the undead, Call From Beyond compels a thanatologically prepared corpse to rise in service to its master. A servant created through this spell exists only a short time before the animating magic fails, but the ritual to raise it can be done quickly, requiring none of the laborious preparation that mark the creation of a permanent Risen. Channeling additional power into this spell extends its duration, but care should be taken not to mar the corpse, as each scrape will reduce the length of time the body can be maintained.
Prerequisites: Quicken the Earth, 20th Circle.
Necrotic Reconstruction (NR): A staple tool of apprentice and master reanimators alike, Necrotic Reconstruction provides instantaneous mending to a servant that has not yet outgrown its usefulness. The false healing operates by bolstering the Unlife within forms, which in turn flares to defy any mundane wounds present. Curiously, the spell does affect non-undead creations of Animation magic, albeit with less potency.
Prerequisites: Butcher's Eye, Call From Beyond.
Quicken the Earth (QE): The simplest of animation magic, this spell draws from the caster's own lifeblood to invest motion in a constructed form. More advanced forms can manipulate many things, but Quicken the Earth was designed for potency even at low levels of skill and thus is very specific in purpose. It requires a ritual letting of blood and a token amount of dirt, from which the sorcerous magic builds a humanoid construct.
The creation is not alive, or even undead, but rather an animated body that will blindly lash out at any around it. The ritual of creation protects the caster from its attention, but it otherwise acts as an independent and aggressive force until it is destroyed or the magic binding it loses strength.
The construct will also make some effort to hinder those engaging its creator, more potent constructs doing so with greater frequency. Some speculate that this represents the stirring of consciousness, an attempt to protect its creator out of self preservation. Most regard this line of thinking as nonsense and attribute the behavior to clever design on the part of the spell's originators.
Prerequisite: 5th Circle.


Eyes of the Blind (EOTB): Eyes of the Blind is a specialized form of the Visions of Darkness spell. Instead of imposing a strict psychic malady on any particular target, the Necromancer draws upon quirks of the eyes of sentient creatures by corrupting their own body in a way that causes its location to be a blind spot by all who view it. This corruption is not perfected, and perceptive creatures may notice that they are missing something, or even be able to find the Necromancer him or herself. Should the Necromancer be revealed, the spell will alter the corruptive mutation slightly in order to reapply the effect, but this takes some time.
Prerequisites: Obfuscation, Visions of Darkness.
Obfuscation: The Obfuscation spell projects a psychic field that blunts the mind with a sense of placid normalcy in all those touched by it. This draws less critical attention to the magician, assisting him in any attempt to stay unperceived.
Petrifying Visions (PV): The Petrifying Visions allows the caster to channel energy into their opponents mind. If successful, the spell taps into the primal fears and uncertainties about life that reside deep within the mortal mind. The end result causes the victim to be paralyzed until they can reconcile and repress what they saw.
Visions of Darkness (VOD): A simple curse, the Visions of Darkness spell places a psychic malady on the victim that causes their brain to believe their eyes are receiving much less light than they are. It does not affect combat prowess, but makes a target considerably less perceptive.

Blood Magic

Blood Burst (BLB): Blood Burst is the strongest and, to outsiders, the debatably vilest spell in the Necromancer's arsenal. Requiring the caster to be bleeding or sacrifice a portion of their life force in the casting, the end result is a projectile of deadly incarnadine force.
Prerequisites: Vivisection, 40th Circle.
Heighten Pain (HP): The Heighten Pain spell surrounds your opponent with a wracking curse that amplifies the target's sense of pain, increasing the physical damage and discomfort they suffer for a short time.
Siphon Vitality (SV): The Siphon Vitality spell strikes your opponent with a powerful blast of Necromantic energy. Once this energy reaches the flesh and blood of its target, it saps the very life force from it, causing the opponent to wither and possibly die. If this spell is fully targeted, the caster will receive a portion of the siphoned-out energy.
Prerequisites: Acid Splash, Heighten Pain.

Synthetic Creation

Acid Splash (ACS): The Acid Splash spell conjures up an imperfect fragment of the fabled Universal Solvent that is targeted at an enemy. While lacking the potency or duration of the often sought alchemical ideal, the Acid Splash spell is powerful in its own right. Each conjuration is a different acidic solution, meaning that it can be effective against any opponent if used several times.
Viscous Solution (VS): Viscous Solution creates an enormous mass of viscous goo like a floating pond, then lets it fall upon the area. The goo seems to stick to living and sentient creatures for some reason, quickly hardening so that it is difficult to move without spending time dealing with it. Whether hindered or not, a thin coating of the goo remains on all victims, an odd property of the substance causing further applications to have no effect for a short period.
Prerequisites: Acid Splash, Philosopher's Preservation.
Vivisection: The Vivisection spell is one of the most deadly in the Necromancer's arsenal. The ability to flay a target with none the wiser of who cast the spell, and even to remain in hiding after a cast, is something no other magicians have ever been able to master. Additionally, this spell is useful on corpses to assist in harvesting from them.
Prerequisites: Siphon Vitality, 30th Circle.

Transcendental Necromancy

Butcher's Eye (BUE): The Butcher's Eye spell augments one of the magician's eyes, improving his sight beyond the limited capacity of the Immortals' own design. Under its influence, the Necromancer gains an almost intuitive understanding of anatomy, greatly improving his ability to butcher dead game and conduct thanatological rituals.
Calcified Hide (CH): Calcified Hide uses mutative magic to form a network of slightly flexible, toughened ridges upon the caster's body. These ridges help absorb the shock of all damaging attacks, and may even nullify minor physical damage completely.
Prerequisite: Philosopher's Preservation.
Consume Flesh (CF): Consume Flesh draws from the power of a ritual of consumption that has been placed upon a corpse, utilizing it to destroy part of the corpse in order to repair the caster. It should go without saying that it is impossible to consume something that does not exist, so casters should take care to leave the part of the prey they wish to utilize undamaged.
Prerequisites: Siphon Vitality, 15th Circle.
Kura-Silma (KS): Kura-Silma builds upon what the Necromancer has learned from the Butcher's Eye spell. Through transfusing a kind of gaseous growth in the eyeball, the spell effectively hones one's sight to greater keenness. Roots of the resulting cysts are known to travel inward to the skull, improving insight into the multiplicity of Arcane mana with a lighter touch on the brain.
This magic once required the caster to cut open her eye in order to bring out the enhancive cysts, a method obsoleted by advances in transcendental patterns.
Prerequisite: Butcher's Eye.
Philosopher's Preservation (PHP): Philosopher's Preservation furthers the improvement of the Necromancer's nervous system that allows him, above any of his peers, to perceive Arcane mana. This temporarily mutation considerably increases his reaction time, granting the magician quick reflexes and almost supernatural grace when evading attacks.
Prerequisites: Butcher's Eye, Obfuscation.
Spiteful Rebirth: Among the most esoteric forms of transcendental magic are the dead patterns, which only those who have thrown off life may cast. Spiteful Rebirth is regarded as the most useful of this strange magic, which has the humble goal of defeating death itself.
Through Spiteful Rebirth, a Necromancer can replicate the iconic ability of liches to rise bodily from death with nothing but his own magic. Properly used, it knits together the corpse, then forces its heart to beat, nerves to flare and countless other somatic actions which resuscitate the dead from physical principles. The soul is said to "snap back" upon the restoration of life -- though this process is far from pleasant and leaves the Necromancer crippled for some time. Liches are said to gain some special benefit from this magic, but we do not know what, precisely, that is.
The seeming miraculous nature of this spell makes it the most... philosophically contentious of those we agree to teach. Some Philosophers regard it as spiritual necromancy for its treatment of the soul and steadfastly avoid its demonic taint. Others regard mastery of physical resuscitation as a vital preliminary to understanding the greater Alchemy of Flesh. If nothing else, Spiteful Rebirth is the worst possible thing to bring up in polite conversation.
Prerequisites: Necrotic Reconstruction, Consume Flesh.
Worm's Mist (WORM): Worm's Mist is a powerful yet potentially crippling defense. The spell mutates the Necromancer's sweat glands and pores, allowing his body to produce a clinging, supernatural miasma. Any spell that passes through the miasma risks coming apart at the seams, including the Necromancer's own.
The spell is traditionally deployed near the skin, granting the caster protection against other magicians without any chinks or flaws. While the Necromancer's own spells are likewise hindered, that is what Risen are for. Alternately, he may weave Worm's Mist into a shell approximately ten feet in diameter. This allows the Necromancer to freely cast upon himself and anyone within a melee, but grants the same courtesy to his enemies.
Prerequisite: Philosopher's Preservation.