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Foraging by Difficulty

Notes from GM Jent

Only back for a few minutes here. Just a couple of things.

1. In the over 1000 post, just two had the best way to train without using Careful or Precise. Keep trying to mix it up, I think a lot of you are not using the optimal training methods.

2. Yes there is a gap for items and training, not that there isn't items availabe to train at ever rank but more that there are not enough of some items to train well at certain ranks.

3. Ebony is not the hardest item to find and those with 175 plus ranks using it to rain might want to look for other items.

4. To help below is the list of current foragable items sorted from easiest to the most difficult. This should help those that are not learning from certain items. Try to find an item lower on the list then the item you are currently foraging.

The List