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Healing Herbs

Area Healed External Internal
Head Wounds Nemoih Root Eghmok Potion/Moss
Eye Wounds Sufil Sap Aevaes Leaf
Neck Wounds Georin Grass/Salve Riolur Leaf
Face Scars Qun Pollen Hulij Leaf
Limb Wounds Jadice Flower Yelith Root
Limb Scars Blocil Berries Nuloe Stem
Chest Wounds Plovik Leaf Ithor Root
Abdomen Nilos Grass/Salve Muljin Sap
Back Hulnik Grass Junliar Stem
Body Scars Genich Stem Ojhenik Root
Skin and Nerve Wounds Aloe Leaf Lujeakave Root
Skin and Nerve Scars Cebi Root Hisan Flower
Entire Body Scars Belradi Moss