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Trader Abilities


Circle: 1st Usage: speculate <self/person>

The most basic use of the speculate verb. Does little, save for some messaging:
speculate: You gaze off into the distance, your mind filled with endless possibilities for profit.
speculate <self>: You'd make a pretty good customer if you do say so yourself.
speculate <person>: You casually speculate if Evita would make a good customer.

Speculate Coin
Circle: 8th Usage: speculate coin <person>

Can be learned from Guildleader Kworlin in Muspar'i.
Throws a coin at someone.
Note: The chance to stun someone with a coin increases when the value of the coin used is higher. (For example, a bronze will stun more often than a copper.) You will always lose the coin. The kind of coin you use is based on the amount of coins you have in each denomination. If you have more copper coins than silver, then you will be more likely to use a copper than a silver.

Speculate Finesse
Circle: 12th Usage: speculate finesse

Can be learned from Guildleader Willowbrook in Riverhaven.
This ability temporarily raises charisma, giving a boost to the prices a trader will receive when pawning items and selling gems or pelts/hides/skins. It will also increase the value of contracts when requesting them.

Speculate Chaffer
Circle: 45th Usage: speculate chaffer <item> to <targ> value

Everything after the item is optional as the ability can be used to provide messaging just to the room, although the messaging to a specific target is much more elaborate.
If you have enough trading skill you can add a numerical value at the end to try and convince a specific target of the value of the item in question. If successful, the target player will appraise the item at that value for a period of time. The value needs to be entered in terms of Lirums.
It takes a lot of skill to fool people. The target's appraisal is measured against your skills in appraisal and trading.

An example of what the trader would see:
speculate chaffer sword to Evita 100:
You call out to Evita, trying to interest her in a bone-hilted sword.
Using your most sincere voice you extole the virtues of the bone-hilted sword. "Take a look at the point on it. Why, with the right skill and a point this sharp, a woman could pierce almost anything."

Thanks to Knal, Thevelar, and Zaktraw for this information.