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Trader Abilities

1st Circle
  • Use of special gem pouch verbs
  • Able to tie gem pouches at any time
  • Spooking pack animals to get out of danger
  • Able to read and study ledgers.
  • Access to Trader only housing and associated perks
  • Able to send a posse after thieves caught stealing on the trade routes
2nd Circle
  • Commodities trading
5th Circle
  • Interprovincial contracts
  • Access to Trader guild shops
8th Circle
  • Speculate Coin
10th Circle
  • Dragging corpses with pack animals
12th Circle
  • Able to sell gem pouches (this can vary from player to player)
  • Access to banquet facilities (Riverhaven only currently)
  • Speculate Finesse
20th Circle
  • Trader Market
  • Trader market certificates and discount coupons
  • Extra appraisal information on some jewelry items (can vary)
25th Circle
  • Horse trading
30th Circle
  • Auctions
35th Circle
  • Rent kregkeirels on Surlaenis with "portable vault"
  • Able to store multiple horses
  • Storage boxes for mainland caravans
40th Circle
  • Market stalls (3 tables in your own stall for 10 days)
45th Circle
  • Possibly speculate chaffer
50th Circle
  • Trader financed gem shops and furriers

This is taken more or less verbatim from GM Godrich's site. Credit goes to him.