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New Adventurer Guide: Other Considerations

This section is intended to be read once you have exited the character manager and are ready to start exploring and playing.

Getting Around Town

Typing in DIR will yield the following message:

    Directions are available in different locations.  To get a list of the
    directions available in your area, type:


    DIR LIST - Lists all areas in the area for which directions are available.
    DIR LIST GUILDS - Lists all guilds in the area for which directions are available.
    DIR LIST TRAINING - Lists the area's training rooms for which directions are available.
    DIR LIST GATES - Lists all gates in the area for which directions are available.
    DIR LIST HUNTING - Lists the areas's hunting areas for which directions are available.
    DIR LIST SHOPS - Lists all shops in the area for which directions are available.
    DIR LIST OTHER - Lists all other areas in the area for which directions are available.

    DIR <location name> {<steps>} is used to obtain the
    directions to a specific location.
    For example: DIR BANK 5 -- This will show you the next 5 steps to take
    going to the bank.

This is not available in all towns and areas, but is readily accessible in both Riverhaven and Crossing. You can use this to access directions to many places throughout both towns, but be aware that shortening words may result in the game not knowing what you are referring to. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, try asking around or using some of the maps available.


To put it plainly, favors are how you continue to exist in Elanthia. These are a little bit like favors and/or lives that your chosen god owes to you. When you are still first circle, you are granted a few free favors, but I recommend you gain your own as soon as possible to prevent becoming second circle with no favors. You can find further information on favors here.

General Etiquette and Rules for Survival

This will help prevent you from offending other players and may help keep you alive.

When in a hunting ground, you should not enter a room and fight if there is another player without asking permission.

If you are not alone in a room, you should not pick things up off the ground without asking if they belong to someone.

You should not assume you are alone just because you do not see anyone and cannot find anyone when searching. Other people may be able to hide well enough for you to be blind to them.

You should begin your hunting with ship rats, then louts out of Crossing's east gate, and then musk hogs and goblins (the shipyard rats and goblins can be both found using the DIR command). It is difficult to get badly hurt in ship rats, but goblins are a different story. You should not venture out into the goblins without some armor. Good beginner armors are supple hunting leathers from Riverhaven and silver-gilt hauberks from Theren. While getting to Theren may be difficult for you at first, it is quite easy to get to Riverhaven and people may even be willing to help you reach the ferry between it and Crossing. The ferry charges 30 lirums per trip.

Making Money

There are several ways a young character may make money.

One way is to forage branches and sell them to Mags near the bazaar. She can be found by typing DIR reflex and stopping before entering the academy.

You can also skin rats and goblins after killing them and then sell their skins to the tannery, which can be found by entering DIR tannery. If you find gems in field goblins, they can be sold in the gem shops, which can be found by typing DIR gems. Louts and goblins both carry boxes, which you can use to learn disarm traps and lockpicking. Creature boxes have coins and/or gems.

A third way is by taking items you've found (after making sure they do not belong to someone else) and pawning them. The pawn shop can be found by typing DIR pawn.

Finally, you can earn money by completing tasks. You can go to certain NPCs, such as guild leaders, and type ask <person> for task. The NPC will then ask you to either accept task or decline task. Not responding has the same effect as declining.